In accordance with the Rencana Induk Pengembangan (RIP) University of Jember, then since 1991, University of Jember plan the establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA), the preparation of the opening of FMIPA preceded by the release SK Rektor Nomor : 6731/PT.32.H/SK/I.7’91, at June 23, 1991, regarding the establishment of the Basic Laboratory.
There are 4 Basic Laboratory established that Lab. Basic Mathematics, Lab. Basic Physics. Lab. Basic Chemistry and Lab. Basic Biology. When the Basic Laboratory was tasked with providing services in all fields of science lab activities Mathematics and Science in the University of Jember.

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Preparation for the future of the planned establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is the creation of business based preparations Opening FMIPA SK Rektor No. 3377/PT.32.H/SK/I.7’97 at June, 17 1993, on Formation / Preparation opening FMIPA removal business is divided into four sub-fields of study, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In September 1993 opening preparation manager, FMIPA University of Jember bring in Mathematics and Science Consortium to evaluate readiness UNEJ to open / establish the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences. From the visit of the Director General of Higher Education issued a letter Number 3842 / D.2 / 1993 dated 12 November 1993 that it suggested that UPT-MIPA UNEJ form beforehand while preparing for Human Resources will manage the Natural Sciences and other equipment including facilities and infrastructure needed. Advice from Dirjen DIKTI followed by the establishment of UPT UNEJ MIPA by SK Rektor Nomer 2798a/PT.32.H/SK/I.7’94 at May 9, 1994. UPT-MIPA is an academic support element and is responsible to the Rector.

UPT-MIPA operational activities is to coordinate the work of two sub-units (activity) are already available:
a). Laboratory subunit base in its operations to provide services of education and teaching, research and the Community Service in the field of MIPA, especially activities that use the facility for experiments.
b). Sub Work Unit manager Opening Pathways FMIPA (FMIPA Task Force) whose task is to prepare and develop a plan of implementation of academic education in the field of Mathematics.

Another task is to plan the opening of FMIPA with all support facilities in preparation for the opening of FMIPA. To further reinforce the desire UNEJ about plans to open the Mathematics and Science Study Program, the Rector formed the task force specially tasked to prepare everything related to the opening of the FMIPA with the publication SK Nomor 6056/PT.32.H/SK/I.7’95 at September 29, 1995 .On July 9, 1997 issue decision Dirjen Pendidikan Tinggi No: 191/ DIKTI/ Kep/ 1997 on the Establishment of Mathematics and Science Study Programmes consisting of courses – courses S1 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Furthermore, on August 10, 1999 the decision of Mendikbud No. 194/0/1999on the establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Jember. Aended on November 16, the inauguration of the FMIPA which also coincide with the inauguration of the leadership (Dean, Vice Dean Academic Affair, Vice Dean for Finance and Human, Vice Dean for Student Affairs) Head of Administration and Head of  Sub Administration (Academic, Finance and Personnel, Public and Student Affairs)