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Big Data Training : Dr. Agus Salim

University of Jember in collaboration with La Trobe University held Training “Big Data: A New Age of Statistical Analysis” on December 23, 2015 in the Department of Mathematics, FMIPA, University of Jember. As an informant is Agus Salim, Ph.D. Senior Lecture of the College of Science, Health and Engineering School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Department of Mathematics and Statistics La Trobe University. This training event was officially opened by Prof. Drs. Kusno, DEA., Ph.D. as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember. In his speech, hope that the participants take advantage of the moment to gain knowledge Lecture much of the resource as already experienced in the field.

For those not familiar with Big Data, it’s good to know first what is Big Data. According to some sources, Big Data is a very large data set which will then be analyzed or processed further for specific purposes such as decision making, predictions and more. Along with advances in information technology, the development of Big Data is growing rapidly. It also said Agus Salim, Ph.D. Training material this big data:

  1. Controlling False Discoveries Rates
  2. Big Data Analytics Workshop Lab 2
  3. Big Data Analytics Workshop Lab 3
  4. Big Data Analytics Workshop Lab 4
  5. Big Data Analytics Workshop Lab 5
  6. Network and Database for Omics Data Analysis
  7. Data Normalization and Batch Effects
  8. Introduction to Modern Omics
  9. Statistical Methods for Omics Data

The participants are given the opportunity to practice with the data that has been prepared by the committee. Processed data reaches a size of 1 GB. For this training, participants use a web based application that is supported by the RSTUDIO with mirror R University of Jember.

Next day, on December 24, 2015 continued with: “Data Scientist: Are Graduates Mathematical Statistics Needed?” attended this event Rector of University of Jember   Drs. Moh. Hasan, M.Sc., Ph.D. (which is also one lecturer Department Mathematics, University of Jember), Dean of FMIPA, Head of Department Mathematics and  Magister Program Mathematics Students. Agus Salim, Ph.D. share his experience, he began studying to become a statistic Senior Lecture at La Trobe University in Australia. As the closing event Rector of University of Jember hopes the events like this can continue to be in line with expectations, University of Jember who has worked with several universities abroad to achieve progress for the University of Jember. [documentation]

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