Training Makes “SKP” for Staff

skp1-300x225Housed in “Kebun Rayap Rembangan”, the entire educational staff, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember given training in preparation of the SKP 2014. As guest speaker is the Vice Dean II FMIPA drh. Wuryanti Handayani, M.Si and accompanied by Head of TU FMIPA Setijawan, SH. With each led by Head of Section, all the staff describe all the work carried out in accordance with the duties.

The event was also used as a reference perception of each educational staff duties in accordance with the general functional positions in the University of Jember. Expected in the preparation of SKP there is no constraint in the future and facilitate staff in daily activities melakasanakan particular role in filling the log book as supporting SKP.

The results obtained from this activity is SKP a year that has been signed by each Head of Section. To note the participants of this activity is not only PNS but also in the Contract staff in FMIPA University of Jember.

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