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Improve Practicum Services, Mathematics Laboratory, and Biology Laboratory FMIPA Holds Short Training

To improve services to students, especially practicums, Mathematics Laboratory and Biology Laboratory of FMIPA UNEJ held short training. The Mathematics Laboratory has theme Peningkatan Kompetensi Asisten Praktikum Kalkulus (25/8). “We equate the perception of delivering practicum material because we serve students in all majors, from introductions, preparation to output from practicum,” said Dr. Agustina Pradjaningsih, S.Si., M.Si. Head of the Mathematics Laboratory. Followed by 23 calculus practicum assistants, the material was delivered by Abduh Riski, S.Si., M.Si. discuss the achievements of each meeting during the practicum implementation.

Separately, the Biology Laboratory plans to develop staff for educational laboratory institutions with the aim of improving practicum services for compulsory subjects in supporting the learning outcomes of graduate students. “The training was held in the sub lab, all PLP are expected to be able to transfer knowledge and expertise so they are able to provide a variety of laboratory services,” said Dra. Hari Sulistiyowati, M.Sc., Ph.D. Head of the Biology Laboratory. The event took place August 7-11 in the microbiology sub-lab, followed by August 14 in the botany sub-lab and August 21-22 in the zoology sub-lab. Continue reading


20 Biology Students from FMIPA Participated in Student Exchange, Study Visit and Community Service in Germany

The Head of the Biology Department, FMIPA UNEJ, together with the Academic Advisor Lecturer, released 20 Biology Undergraduate Study Program students who would take part in the Student Exchange in Germany. 5 7th semester students will take part in the 2023 Summer School program and 15 students consisting of 5th and 7th semester students will take part in the 2023 Study Visit program in Germany. ” Summer School activities will be carried out by students for 1 full month, from 1 to 31 August 2023,” said Dr. Retno Wimbaningrum, Head of the Biology Department, FMIPA..

While the Study Visit activities will last for more than two weeks, from 11 to 27 August 2023. These two activities are supported by two different funding sources, the Summer School is funded by the KA171 Erasmus+ Program Project while the Study Visit is funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Project through project IDE: 37686067. “This Summer School and Study Visit activity will later be integrated with MBKM activities abroad with a credit transfer scheme ,” he continued. Continue reading


FMIPA Biology Masters Study Program Prepares LAMSAMA Accreditation Forms and National Standards

The Biology Masters Study Program FMIPA UNEJ held a FGD for Preparation of Accreditation Forms (LKPS and LED) for the LAMSAMA-Based National Standard Biology Masters Study Program (SN-Dikti) at Kalibaru Cottages Banyuwangi (28-30/7). The agenda includes the presentation of speakers related to LAMSAMA accreditation as well as discussing the preparation and filling out of the LKPS and LEDPS documents. “Hopefully in the next few days we can produce the best with the formation of a task force for compiling accreditation documents,” said Dr. Asmoro Lelono as Coordinator of the Biology Masters Study Program FMIPA on the sidelines of the FGD.

Present at the FGD Dean of FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. who delivered a presentation on the Strategic Plan and Business Plan of FMIPA University of Jember. “By seeing the enthusiasm of the task force team, hopefully the wish of the Biology Masters Study Program to achieve superior accreditation from LAMSAMA can be achieved, moreover there is an injection of news that the Bachelor of Biology Study Program has been accredited internationally by ASIIN in June 2023, Congratulations and success for the team,” said the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ. Accompanying the Deputy Dean II of FMIPA as well as Deputy Dean III of FMIPA with the UNEJ FMIPA GPM Team..

Continue reading


Department of Biology FMIPA UNEJ won ASIIN International Accreditation

After going through the assessment process since it was submitted in December 2022, the Undergraduate Program in Biology FMIPA UNEJ won International Accreditation from the Accrediterungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik or ASIIN. “We express our gratitude for the achievement of accreditation from ASIIN, after preparing and waiting for this happy news to finally come,” said Dr. Retno Wimbaningrum Head of Biology Study Program FMIPA..

ASIIN Accreditation for Biology Study Program FMIPA conforms to Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework for Life-long Learning (EQF LLL) . Accreditation Letter signed by Dr. Iring Wasser as the Managing Director who was present at ASIIN’s visitation some time ago. The Head of the Biology Study Program hopes that ASIIN’s accreditation achievements can spread to all FMIPA study programs and also become an encouragement for the Biology Masters Study Program which is in the process of being re-accredited. “The ASIIN accreditation obtained will increase our enthusiasm and the re-accreditation team for the master of biology study program to achieve superior accreditation, hopefully,” he hoped. Continue reading


The Role of Academics and Biology Students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Releasing Wildlife at the Nusa Barong Wildlife Sanctuary, Jember

The release of wild species, namely long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) and pythons (Python sp.), at the Nusa Barong Jember Animal Sanctuary was organized by the Indonesian Animal Network (JSI) in collaboration with the Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). East (15/7). “This agenda involves several parties, such as local fishermen, the Indonesian Navy, and academics, namely lecturers and students of the Biology Department, FMIPA UNEJ,” said Hari Sulistiyowati, Ph.D. Biology lecturers who are active in the agenda.

Hari also said that three lecturers from the K-Biotrop Research Group, along with 2 students from the Masters Program in Biology and 2 students from the Biology Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember, were involved for the first time in this release activity as a form of collaboration with BKSDA Region III Jember. “This activity provides insight and experience, as well as raising biology students’ concern for animal preservation,” she continued.. Continue reading


Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, a Biology Lecturer who Invented the Super Longan, has retired

Dr. Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, M.Pd. who is fondly called Mr. Teguh as of June 1, 2023 tomorrow will enter his retirement period. Pak Teguh’s work as a teacher and researcher in the Department of Biology FMIPA UNEJ is not in doubt. Until the end of his service, he was still actively discussing with the leaders of the Sentool plantation partners of MBKM FMIPA, especially longan development (30/5). “Today is the end of his servant. Pak Teguh remains enthusiastic about the discussion and inquires about the development of longan in the Sentool plantation,” said Vice Dean I FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. It can be seen that longan trees are increasingly thriving around the plantation area, which originated from seeds researched by Mr. Teguh.

Indeed, apart from being a lecturer, Mr. Teguh is active in researching longans, so he is usually called Longan Mantri. He managed to develop a super longan. which started with concern about the local Jember longan plant which at first only grew without fruit. With a special ingredient from Mr. Teguh and then packaged in the form of fertilizer, it was able to produce thicker, sweeter longan fruit and smaller seeds. Continue reading