The research direction of lecturers and students pays more attention to the direction of national or university policies. The policy of University of Jember which directs focus of research on agricultural commodities and specific fields of study of course also colors the research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences which has been launched since 2016 which was set by The Rector as Rencana Induk Penelitian UNEJ 2016-2020 October 16, 2016. Focus of the research at that time was the field of Coffee and Cocoa, cassava, sugarcane and rice fields. Meanwhile, three specific areas of study were also carried out, namely the field of Using, Pendalungan and Tengger, the field of Advanced Technology and Sustainability of Natural Resources Management in Tapak Kuda Region, and Maritime Affairs..

In 2018 UNEJ carried out a top-down initiative to formally revive the existence of a research-group or keris group which requires lecturers to form a Research Group (KeRis) either at the study program, faculty or university level. This KeRis policy is also accompanied by UNEJ internal funding support for KeRis which is formed through a Dean’s Decree or Rector’s Decree. The existence of this policy does not mean that at UNEJ there was no research group at that time, it was only a matter of formality that had not been carried out, its work has been going on for a long time. With the formalization of the existence of this Research Group, the direction of the development of researchers and research at UNEJ will become clearer.

Furthermore, there are 48 themes from the nine leading researches, one of which is directed at supporting superior research in food and industrial agriculture. This is in line with the University of Jember’s 2020-2024 Strategic Business Plan towards Research and World Class University.