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The Dean and FMIPA JABODETABEK Alumni Families follow Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE

The Dean of FMIPA UNEJ and alumni of FMIPA throughout JABODETABEK and their families took part in the Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE in the GBK area of Jakarta (27/11). “I am very happy, I am happy to be able to stay in touch with alumni of FMIPA UNEJ, tell each other stories, share experiences and messages of hope for their juniors,” said the Dean. At FMIPA booth, alumni said that now they have worked in various companies in the JABODETABEK area. One of them is Rido, an alumnus of the Mathematics Department who now works as a data consultant for a US company.

“After 2021, I am now working as a data consultant for a US company, the mathematics I got while studying at FMIPA can be applied here,” said Rido, who previously worked on SCTV national TV, MNCTV and KompasTV. Continue reading


After Chemistry Study Program, LAMSAMA Assessor Team Field Assessment in Physics Study Program FMIPA

After last Monday Chemistry Study Program carried out LAMSAMA field assessment, today the Assessor Team came to Physics Study Program FMIPA (17/11). The Chancellor of University of Jember, Iwan Taruna, again opened the field assessment program. “Yesterday Chemistry Study Program, now the Physics Study Program is being assessed, as the Chancellor of UNEJ was present to provide support for the study programs at UNEJ which are being accredited,” said Iwan Taruna. Furthermore, Iwan said that UNEJ encourages the accreditation of each study program because it will improve the quality of study programs through evaluation and assessment.

The Chancellor also said that UNEJ has 15 faculties, 1 graduate with 108 study programs and a vocational program is needed to support non-academic learning. “In the future UNEJ will open a vocational program in Jubung to produce skilled graduates and experts in their fields,” said Iwan Taruna. At the end of his remarks, the Chancellor hoped that the Physics study program would get the desired accreditation. “Congratulations on exploring to the assessors and Physics team, hoping to get the best results,” he concluded. Continue reading


LAMSAMA Accreditation Field Assessment for Chemistry Study Program, FMIPA UNEJ

The team of Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Sains Alam dan Ilmu Formal (LAMSAMA) conducted a field assessment for the accreditation of the Chemistry Study Program, FMIPA UNEJ. The Chancellor of University of Jember, Iwan Taruna had the opportunity to attend and open the field assessment (14/11). In his remarks, Iwan Taruna said that several study programs at UNEJ were also in the same accreditation process as the Chemistry Pod. “In recent times, several study programs on our campus have also carried out the accreditation process both nationally and internationally,” he said.

Furthermore, Iwan Taruna said that the Chemistry Study Program had prepared such a field assessment in a relatively short time. “According to the Dean, the Chemistry Study Program is ready for assessment and this opening is special. At the opening of the assessment, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor I and Vice Chancellor III attended the opening,” said Iwan Taruna. Continue reading


CERiMRE Journal of Physics FMIPA Webinar with Mendeley Advisor

Journal of Computational And Experimental Research In Materials And Renewable Energy (CERiMRE) Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences held a Mendeley Webinar (3/11). Presenting Diky Zakaria, S.Pd., M.T. from UPI Karawang Campus. Diky, who is also a Mendeley Advisor, presented Penyusunan Referensi Artikel Ilmiah pada Jurnal CERiMRE dengan Software Mendeley. “As an initial stage, we first check, Mendeley installation, whether there is an account or not and Mendeley integration in Word,” explained Diky.

Diky explains the features and applies Mendeley to journal references. “Mendeley can display the metadata of a PDF file automatically, and that makes it easier to write references in journals,” said the lecturer of Prodi Mekatronika dan Kecerdasan Buatan, UPI. One of the PT. Rumah Publikasi Indonesia (RPI) also shows the integration of the Mendeley software with MS Word which the author usually uses. Continue reading


Open Booth UKM Robotika UNEJ Tarik Minat Mahasiswa FMIPA

UKM Robotika UNEJ held an Open Booth at Building I Mathematics FMIPA (31/10). Featured The LAGORI 2022 robots, wheeled soccer robot, search and rescue robots and thematic robot. Daniel Izzulhaq Elriyan, Head of UKM Robotika, said that through this activity, FMIPA UNEJ students, especially freshmen, got to know and grew interested in robots. “This open booth is an event to introduce the world of robots, and we UKM Robotika is ready to accommodate all of your interests,” at first.

Explained the function of each robot that performed on the occasion. The LAGORI 2022 robot is a robot prepared for the ABU Robocon International Event. “This robot is designed to take part in the selection of Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia (KRAI) with the LAGORI theme,” explained Daniel. No less interesting is the appearance of a wheeled soccer robot. This robot uses wheels and moves agilely like a soccer game in general. Continue reading


Head of PRTDRAN BRIN Invites FMIPA UNEJ Lecturers to Collaborate on Nuclear Energy Research

Head of Pusat Riset Teknologi Deteksi Radiasi dan Analisis Nuklir (PRTDRAN) BRIN, Dr. Abu Khalid Rivai, M.Eng. give a guest lecture at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (19/10). Abu Khalid invited lecturers to collaborate on research through BRIN as a bridge. “In BRIN there is ORTN, namely Organisasi Riset Tenaga Nuklir to optimize research in all regions in Indonesia,” he said.

Abu Khalid explained, ORTN itself is divided into 12 organizations in Indonesia, one example being Radiation Process Technology. Everything was revealed in the Guest Lecture of Physics Department, FMIPA UNEJ with the theme Research Prospects and research work at PRTDRAN and National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).. Continue reading