Campus Environment Learning Center

  • 5 College Building dan 4 Laboratory Building
  • Green House, Taman Botani, and Animal Care Unit.
  • Organisasi Kemahasiswaan (ORMAWA) Building
  • LAN and WAN with fiber optic: Wifi in evey classroom .

  • Sistem Informasi Terpadu (SISTER): Study, Thesis, Sharing Data
  • Science Field Group
  • Education and Research Laboratory (Research Group)
  • Komisi Bimbingan
Student Facilities Campus Facilities

  • Student Meeting Point (Roof Top)
  • Student Self Access
  • Hotspot Area
  • Library in all Department
  • Library University of Jember

  • Baitul Ilmi Masque
  • Park Area
  • Sport Facilty: Basketball, Volly Ball, Futsal
  • CCTV 25 Points