Department of Mathematics: The Joint Research Workshop from DM-ITS Surabaya

The research system and road map of research at the Mathematics Department of ITS Surabaya became the main topic in the Joint Research Workshop organized by the Mathematics Department of FMIPA University of Jember in Multimedia Room on Monday (December 11, 2017). Department of Mathematics ITS (DM-ITS) which represented by Prof. Dr. Moh Isa Irawan, Dr. Dieky Adzkiya and Dr. Choirul Imron presented each Focus Group Discussion according to the field. “Increasing the role of functional analysis in applied mathematics and data assimilation methods on large-scale systems Maxplus & Maxmin algebra is among the research objectives in the DM-ITS Analysis and Algebra Laboratory” Dieky Adzkiya in the subject matter of Research Analysis and Algebra. There are some interesting research in this field such as solar panel position control by using fuzzy method. “And there is also the application of fuzzy for weather prediction in the determination of cropping pattern” he continued.

In his speech, Chairman of Mathematics Department Kusbudiono, S.Si., M.Si. This joint research workshop activity is expected to be sustainable in cooperation with DM-ITS special field of research. “This workshop can be a marker of sustainability of research collaboration with DM-ITS and continue to establish sharing of mathematical knowledge” he said. Prof. Dr. Moh Isa Irawan said DM-ITS agreed with this workshop event so that the future can be continued with Join Research such as: National Research Scheme or University Cooperation Scheme and Joint Publication.

Prof. Dr. Moh Isa Irawan field of Geometry and Computation describes the road map of research conducted at the Computer Science Laboratory. “In the Computer Science Lab can be grouped data mining that includes the introduction of data patterns, text mining documents on the internet, classification and clustering, forecasting meteorological data and also association rule and sequence mining” explained Professor who also became Chairman of the Computer Science Laboratory . Lab. Computer Science also conducts research on internet big data, stochastic process, algebraic structure, combinatorics and bioinformatics software.

Dr. Choirul Imron as the last speaker and also a member of the Laboratory Modeling & Simulation Systems and Mathematical Computational Laboratory explains the studies that have been done. “Our laboratory in the research is grouped into several renewable energy, CFD, bio-mathematics and navigation, guidence and control, and among others we have finished the work and also some we will prepare for further research process” he explained.

The DM-ITS team also presented several examples of several joint publications with several foreign universities: TU Delft Netherlands, University of Oxford England, Univ. Wallonggong Australia, Univ. of Essex UK, UTM and UMP Malaysia, Shibaura Univ. Technology Japan and NTUST Taiwan. DM-ITS has ICoMPAC and Limits. (documentation)