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20 UNEJ Students take part in the 2024 ONMIPA-PT Regional Level Selection at FMIPA University of Jember

Located in Mathematics Laboratory 1 and 2, Department of Mathematics, FMIPA UNEJ, regional-level selection was held for the Olimpiade Nasional Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (ONMIPA-PT) 2024 (24–25/4). “20 of our students from FMIPA, FKIP, and FK are fighting to get a place to compete at the national level at Hasanuddin University in May 2024,” said Dr. Edy Supriyanto, S.Si., M.Si. PIC ONMIPA-PT UNEJ, and Vice Dean III FMIPA UNEJ. UNEJ delegates took part in online selection according to the fields being contested, namely mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry. “For readiness, system testing and tryouts were previously carried out on April 18-19,” he continued.

According to Abduh Riski, S.Si., M.Si, as the supervisor of the ONMIPA-PT UNEJ delegation, the participants who took part in the regional-level selection were the results of the selection on March 8. “These twenty participants are the result of university-level selection carried out previously at the UNEJ entrepreneurship building and then took part in intensive coaching on March 25–31,” he explained. It was also announced that five students per field would take part in the selection for two days online. Support was also provided by the UNEJ student affairs department by procuring equipment and UPA TIK via a capable internet network for this selection activity. Continue reading


KeRis GA Mathematics FMIPA Public Lecture, Information Systems Security: Cryptography and Graph Labeling

The Graph and Algebra (GA) Research Group, Mathematics Department, FMIPA UNEJ, held a public lecture with resource person Prof. Dr. I Wayan Sudarsana from Tadulako University (19/10). Raising the theme of Information Systems Security: Cryptography and Graphic Labeling, Prof. Wayan started his public lecture by talking about security that is often encountered in everyday life. “You all must often make transactions at the bank, and that requires the security of special information such as a pin or token. This security process is usually known as encryption, which contains cryptography in it,” began Prof. Wayan.

Previously, Chairman of KeRis Dr. Kristiana Wijaya expressed her great appreciation to Prof. Dr. I Wayan Sudarsana, who was pleased to give a public lecture. “KeRiS GA and I express our high appreciation amidst his busy agenda at one of the universities in Jember. Prof. Wayan is pleased to give a public lecture for mathematics students,” said Dr. Kristiana. There were also lecturers in the Mathematics Department, especially members of KeRiS GA and the Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Network Topology (CGANT) team led directly by Prof. Dafik. Continue reading


Improve Practicum Services, Mathematics Laboratory, and Biology Laboratory FMIPA Holds Short Training

To improve services to students, especially practicums, Mathematics Laboratory and Biology Laboratory of FMIPA UNEJ held short training. The Mathematics Laboratory has theme Peningkatan Kompetensi Asisten Praktikum Kalkulus (25/8). “We equate the perception of delivering practicum material because we serve students in all majors, from introductions, preparation to output from practicum,” said Dr. Agustina Pradjaningsih, S.Si., M.Si. Head of the Mathematics Laboratory. Followed by 23 calculus practicum assistants, the material was delivered by Abduh Riski, S.Si., M.Si. discuss the achievements of each meeting during the practicum implementation.

Separately, the Biology Laboratory plans to develop staff for educational laboratory institutions with the aim of improving practicum services for compulsory subjects in supporting the learning outcomes of graduate students. “The training was held in the sub lab, all PLP are expected to be able to transfer knowledge and expertise so they are able to provide a variety of laboratory services,” said Dra. Hari Sulistiyowati, M.Sc., Ph.D. Head of the Biology Laboratory. The event took place August 7-11 in the microbiology sub-lab, followed by August 14 in the botany sub-lab and August 21-22 in the zoology sub-lab. Continue reading


Sad News Dian Anggraeni, S.Si., M.Si., Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, FMIPA UNEJ

Has passed away to Rahmatullah Dian Anggraeni, S.Si., M.Si. Lecturer in the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember on Saturday, August 12 2023. The deceased joined Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences since 2006. An alumnus of the University of Brawijaya (S1) and the Ten November Institute of Technology (S2) taught statistics while serving as a lecturer. The deceased left a husband and two sons.

“On behalf of the FMIPA University of Jember, we express our deepest condolences for passed away of our colleague Ms. Dian Anggraeni. We hope that the deceased will receive the best blessings from Allah and the family will be given fortitude,” said Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Deputy Dean I FMIPA at the release of the body. The academic community and FMIPA students were present who escorted the deceased to his final resting place. Continue reading


Through Theme of Moss as Anticancer, FMIPA UNEJ Student Team won Silver at NICYMS 2023

Again, FMIPA University of Jember Team made scientific work achievements at national level, namely National Invention Competition for Young Moslem Scientists or NICYMS 2023 (25-26/5). The silver medal was the result of the team’s hard work with theme of Dumortiera hirsuta’s Moss Heart as Anticancer. The routine agenda initiated by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) and Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University (UIN) Bandung will take place in a hybrid manner this year. “We took part in the Pure Science – Biology category from several categories that were contested at the event which were joined by some of the best universities in Indonesia,” said Abdillah Maulana Farhan as team leader.

The FMIPA team consisted of Abdillah Maulana Farhan, Selly Hervianingsih Ramadhani, Kaysha Rahmadita Widyadana, Amalia Ayu Pratiwi from Biology and Nur Diana Holida from Mathematics. They were equipped and guided by Biology Lecturer Dr.rer.nat Fuad Bahrul Ulum, S.Si, M.Sc. “We have prepared this competition carefully with effort and hard work in order to achieve the desired achievement, winning a medal,” he continued. Continue reading


DOAJ indexed MIMS Journal of Mathematics Department followed by JID, CERiMRE and BST

“Congratulations and success to the management of the MIMS journal for being indexed in DOAJ or Directory Open Access Journal following the JID, CERiMRE and BST journals which were indexed first,” said Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Vice Dean I FMIPA UNEJ and Head of the Jember University OJS Team (27/4). MIMS, the acronym for the Scientific Mathematics and Statistics Magazine, is a journal published by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember.

MIMS is one of the oldest journals at FMIPA UNEJ. “MIMS has been in print edition since 2000 and will have an electronic version in 2020, hopefully this achievement will add enthusiasm to new journals within FMIPA,” continued Siswoyo. DOAJ is one of the medium category reputable international indexing engines that contains a database of journals. Continue reading