Early in 2024, TUK Agricultural Biology, FMIPA, will hold a Plant Tissue Culture Competency Test

Early in 2024, the Tempat Uji Kompetensi (TUK) at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Jember University, will hold a Competency Test in the Field of Tissue Culture Level II in the Biology Department, FMIPA UNEJ (6/1). This time, the competency test was attended by lecturers and students from the Biology Department at Diponegoro University. Before the activity, participants must complete several supporting documents, including photocopies of KTP and KK, diplomas and final grade transcripts, color photographs, and other relevant supporting certificates.

“Participants are also required to fill out a competency test form and supporting documents,” said Syubbanul Wathon, S.Si., M.Si., as part of the TUK Agriculture Secretariat, Biology Department, FMIPA UNEJ. This activity is a form of collaboration between the TUK Agriculture Biology Department and the Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Pertanian Nasional (LSP PN), which is a Pelaksanaan Sertifikasi Kompetensi Kerja (PSKK) program from the Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP).

Participants take part in competency test activities with assessments carried out by assessors appointed by LSP PN, namely Purwatiningsih, S.Sc., M.Si., Ph.D. This assessment activity aims to provide an assessment in technical and non-technical categories by collecting relevant evidence to determine whether participants are competent or not yet competent in the level II plant tissue culture competency scheme.

“Participants are assessed through a series of activities, which include written exams, oral exams, and practical exams,” said Purwatiningsih, Ph.D. Participants who, based on the assessor’s assessment, are declared competent will receive a national competency certificate from BNSP as proof of written recognition of their competency in the field of level II plant tissue culture. Apart from that, for students, this competency certificate is also important as a companion certificate (SKPI) for applying for jobs, especially in the field of plant tissue culture.