FMIPA Biology Student Association Successfully Holds Biological Science Day (BSD) XIV 2023 Annual Competition

The Biology Student Association or HIMABIO Bacteriophage Department of Biology FMIPA UNEJ once again successfully held Biological Science Day (BSD). Biological Science Day (BSD) is regularly held by the HIMABIO Bacteriophage Biology Department to develop high school/MA students and biology students to be more competitive and have integrity and to train their ability to compete in a healthy manner. “BSD attracts the interest of high school/MA students and college students to better understand biological science and its application at the national level,” said the BSD XIV Committee.

The theme raised in 2023 is “Inovasi dan Aktualisasi Peran Generasi Z guna Mewujudkan Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Era Society 5.0 melalui Perkembangan Ilmu Biologi meliputi Konservasi dan Perubahan Iklim” BSD has received attention from a wide audience, including participants from various regions. “For participants from various regions, seen from the Olympic finalists spread from Java and Bali, even this year there are some from Kalimantan,” continued the BSD XIV Committee. The final round event, which took place in the FMIPA UNEJ Biology building, was lively, with prizes winning a total of up to 9 million rupiah.

After going through fierce competition and judging, the winner for the essay category was the Cintana Rizqi team, second place was the Isfina Nurfaidatir team, third place was the Yuli Isti Mulyani team, and first and second place were the Qoidah Anis Mahiror team, all of whom were UNEJ students. Meanwhile, in the LKTI category, first place was won by Della Artika Sari’s team from SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Ponorogo, second place was Muhammad Rizal Syarif’s team from SMK Negeri 1 Paringin, third place was Dwi Tirta Kusuma’s team from SMA Plus Bustanul Ulum Puger, and first place was Dian Ulin Nuha’s team from Antarctica High School. Sidoarjo and the second hope of Rahmandika Aghnia Hafidh’s team from the MA Unggulan Amanatul Ummah MBI Program.

This year’s Olympics are unique because the first to third places were won by participants from the same school. “Congratulations to Kalila Raissa Ayu as the first winner, Achmad Wildan Maulana as the second winner, and Nabila Rasya El Yafi as the third winner; all three of them come from the same school, MA Unggulan Amanatul Ummah,” said Mukhamad Su’udi as HIMABIO supervisor. The first hope was achieved by Putri Hidayathi from MAN 3 Jembrana, and Ja’far Muhammad Aqila from SMAS Nuris Jember was the second hope.