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Healthy Walks Celebrate the 24th anniversary of FMIPA and the 59th anniversary of the University of Jember

In the context of the 24th anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and to enliven the 59th anniversary of the University of Jember, a health walk and joint exercise were held (11/10). The women’s union dharwa and the retired FMIPA UNEJ event took place in the FMIPA parking lot. Starting with a healthy walk around the Jember University campus and led directly by the Dean of FMIPA. Enjoying the shady trees starting from FMIPA along the road in front of FTP, FK, and FKG, next to FKM, in front of the UNEJ, FH, FEB, FISIP, Pascasarjana, and back at the FMIPA parking lot to take part in group exercise.

After the group exercise, it was continued with remarks from the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D., and continued cutting the tumpeng. “Thank God, we can meet again on the 24th anniversary of FMIPA and also enliven the 59th anniversary of UNEJ. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire community, women’s dharma, and retired staff for their support and cooperation so far,” said the dean. The tumpeng cutting was accompanied by the Deputy Deans, the first Dean of FMIPA, Ir. Sumadi, M.S., Drs. Sujito, Ph.D., and several other officials. Continue reading


DWP FMIPA UNEJ Routinely Distributes Educational Donations to FMIPA UNEJ Students

The Dharma Wanita Persatuan FMIPA again provided educational donations for FMIPA students in need at the regular FMIPA DWP management meeting. (6/10). Located in the meeting room of the FMIPA Gekanat building, Nur Sa’dijah Achmad Saifullah, Chair of the FMIPA DWP, symbolically handed over educational donations to the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. “I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to DWP FMIPA, which routinely provides charity through its social programs. I also hope that this donation will be able to lighten the burden on students who need it,” said the Dean.

Donations will be distributed through Vice Dean II FMIPA Purwatiningsih, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D., who attended the occasion. Furthermore, the Dean of FMIPA said that apart from this agenda, there were several DWP FMIPA activities that were social in nature and also supported FMIPA and even UNEJ activities. “For some time, DWP FMIPA has also provided donations to members and actively participates if there is an agenda from the university, such as a choir competition that is regularly held every year,” he said. For your information, apart from social agendas, DWP FMIPA UNEJ has Qosidah “Zahroh Arroihanna,” who always appears during spiritual activities. Continue reading