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Department of Chemistry begins offline practice at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember

“It’s really nice to hold tool directly, then can directly practice also making samples,” said cheerful Vina Walida, student of Department of Chemistry angkatan 2019, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember who took part in Praktikum Struktur Kereaktifan Anorganik class B (11/11). Vina and her friends started a full offline practice after previously participating in an online practice.  Practice followed 22 practicants by using two laboratory are Kimia Anorganik-Fisik Laboratory and Kimia Analitik Laboratory each of which has capacities 40 practicants. Practice with lecturer Yudi Aris Sulistiyo, S.Si., M.Si. planned to last two days. For your information, all practitioners follow strict health protocols by keeping their distance and have carried out self-quarantine first for practitioners who come from outside the city of Jember. “We along with other friends have carried out self-quarantine before participating in practice,” explained Vina, who also shared that some of her friends had arrived in Jember at end of last October. The practitioners seemed so eager to wait for live samples again, because some time ago only through videos with guidance from assistant class. Offline activities for this course are only for practice, while lectures are still using the online system. In addition to Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, FMIPA UNEJ has also held offline lectures for some time, which is still limited by applying offline and online. Continue reading


Offline Class at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of MIPA, University of Jember

“Online participants can clearly hear my voice? Then the display on the whiteboard can also be read?” this was said by Kusbudiono, S.Si, M.Si. to online lecture participants. All answered clearly and were ready to take the Aljabar Linier course this afternoon which was attended by Angkatan 2020 (2/11). “For offline participants here, if you have any questions, please convey them with the available mic, so that your online friends can hear the voice well,” continued Kusbudiono who is also the Head of Departmentof Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember. The lectures held on the 2nd floor of building I mathematics department, have been prepared in such a way as to be comfortable for offline and online lecture participants. The equipment that has been prepared is a handycam camera by using HDMI capture to produce video with clear quality. “For sound, we use a mini mixer so that the wireless mic from the teacher and offline participants can enter the zoom meeting clearly,” he said before starting the lecture. HDMI capture and mixer used are based on the initial meeting where there were problems with poor picture and sound quality due to the use of a webcam only. By implementing protokol kesehatan, it is hoped that limited offline lectures can represent lecture participants who are currently still online. “We will make room and equipment are static in this room, because there are some courses that also carry out limited lectures” he said. The mathematics building I was chosen, due to its good health condition and has been connected to university network using fiber optic. Continue reading