Towards Excellence, FMIPA UNEJ held Capacity Building for Education Personnel

“At the end of last year FMIPA was able to achieve superior accreditation in study programs, this is all thanks to the hard work together, including the educational staff,” said the Dean of FMIPA Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. in the event of Improving the Quality of Academic Services through Increasing the Capacity of Education Personnel in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNEJ towards Superior Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (18-19/1). “This is the first time we have carried out an increase in the capacity of students to support the abilities of students at FMIPA in serving academic activities,” said the Dean in front of all FMIPA students at Main Raya Situbondo.

Capacity building activities are also a means of learning for all students to complete tasks according to their duties and functions. “In this activity, all students will be provided with provisions to improve the individual abilities of each student, and accompanying speakers will be present,” he continued. Furthermore, the Dean hopes that the students will continue to be able to contribute to FMIPA even with some limitations. “Enthusiasm to learn to increase capacity for superior FMIPA,” he concluded.

Furthermore MS Office Training materials: MS Word, PPT and Excel by Arin Berliana Angrenani, S.Stat, M.Stat. “All the participants must be used to using MS Office, we will learn the tricks in it together,” Arin started. Furthermore, it is explained how to quickly complete daily tasks with MS Office. “We are trying to complete the excel regarding graduation, searching for length of study to use a pivot table for average GPA or gender,” he explained. Participants participated enthusiastically because MS Office, especially Excel, has features that can help complete assignments at FMIPA.

Capacity building for students was also decorated with yelling competitions to increase enthusiasm and love for FMIPA. “We divided into 4 teams to compete in making yells and the best one will receive an award,” explained Agustina Pradjaningsih as the event host. After making their yells, each team displayed their actions in front of all the participants, not to forget the FMIPA Dean and the Vice Deans also presented their yells. At the end of the event, participants and leaders gave each other impressions and messages for FMIPA’s progress towards Excellence.

Activity Documentation