Alumni Sharing, Alumni Experience Sharing Event for Prospective FMIPA UNEJ Graduates

Prospective graduates of FMIPA UNEJ before the Graduation ceremony the next day, took part in the Alumni Sharing event (10/3). The event is an informal concept, to make it easier for prospective graduates to interact with alumni in various experiences. “We design this Alumni Sharing as far as possible from a formal impression, so that all of you can ask alumni questions so that two-way communication is formed,” said the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. when opening the show.

The Alumni Sharing edition of the University of Jember Graduation Period V for the 2022/2023 Academic Year presented Heru Cahyudi, S.Si. alumni of the Bachelor of Physics Study Program who now works as Rizki Humanity at LAZDA Rizki Jember Regency. The next alumni is Dzurotul Mutimmah, S.Si., M.Sc. alumni of undergraduate and masters of Mathematics who are now lecturers in Mathematics Education study program, FMIPA, Banyuwangi University. They shared their experiences in front of 22 prospective graduates and invited guests from the FMIPA UNEJ leadership.

On this occasion the Dean invited prospective graduates to fill out a tracer study. “The first step after graduation and going into society later is to fill out a tracer study, this is important to help our juniors and alma mater,” he hoped. The dean also again invited the graduates to prepare themselves for the graduation procession, because it will be the best memories for a lifetime.

Heru Cahyudi, S.Si. in the initial session, he shared his experiences from starting lectures at FMIPA to joining the community. Heru said that he had actually been trained in the world of work when he was in college. “I gave an example during college, we are required to complete practicum assignments on time if we want good grades, even with the world of work, discipline and responsibility are one of the assets,” he said.

Many job and entrepreneurial opportunities await us. Heru said that FMIPA alumni did not have to work or try in the field of MIPA. “It doesn’t have to be in the MIPA field, but make MIPA capital so that you can enter various fields of work and business,” he said. Heru also invited prospective graduates to keep in touch with their alma mater, specifically our lecturers.

This agrees with the next alumni, Dzurotul Mutimmah, S.Si., M.Si. who said the need for tawadlu to our lecturers. “I have proven that myself, with my humble attitude, and I continue to be kind to me about the convenience of doing work,” he said. Dzurotul had experienced difficulties in accepting courses, but he never underestimated the lecturer. “I respect it by listening to his lectures and thank God, when teaching like him, I get convenience,” he recalled.

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