Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Hosts Jember University Morning Harmony Quarterly

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences hosted the Jember University Morning Harmonies quarterly (17/3). The activity began with joint gymnastics which was attended by Rector, Vice Rector, all Deans and heads of institutions within the University of Jember. Participated in Retired UNEJ. UNEJ academic community and Dharma Wanita FMIPA association. “Our morning harmony this morning coincides with the implementation quarter, so we invite all colleagues, retirees, and all members of the community to be healthy together with gymnastics,” said the Dean of FMIPA.

Meanwhile in his remarks, Rector of the University of Jember, Iwan Taruna Harmoni Pagi is held every month with a rotating host. “Harmoni Pagi aims to strengthen the relationship between the Jember University extended family, build togetherness, and improve health,” said Iwan Taruna. On that occasion, Rector drew lots of votes for the faculty that will host the next Morning Harmony is Faculty of Engineering.

After the group exercise, Rector planted macadamia trees accompanied by the Vice Chancellors and Deans and heads of institutions within the University of Jember. The Dean of FMIPA also invited the Chancellor and invitees to see the egg stands which have lower fat content and higher protein than normal eggs. Low-fat eggs are a research product downstream from the Kelompok Penelitian (KeRis) of FMIPA UNEJ in collaboration with local breeders. Low-fat eggs are also used as one of the door prizes provided during the morning harmony.

The Morning Harmony was followed by a meeting of leadership elements in the Auditorium Room of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences with an agenda for discussing SKP, led by the Deputy Chancellor II for Administration, General Affairs and Finance. Vice Rector II delivered material on Permenpan RB No 1 of 2023 concerning Functional Positions for Lecturers and Education Personnel and also explained the mechanism for recognizing lecturers’ work until 31 December 2023. “The meeting at our morning harmony this morning will discuss SKP, so I specially invited the Deputy Dean II at UNEJ to attend,” Vice Rector II Sri Hernawati started.


Documentation of Harmoni Pagi

The meeting also touched on the promotion process. Several Deans discussed and received responses from the Vice Rector II who was assisted by the Jember University staffing department. Furthermore,Vice Rector III conveyed the performance and revision of procurement for the 2023 fiscal year. At the end of the event, Rector Iwan Taruna conveyed a message regarding the implementation of lectures to welcome Ramadhan. “In the upcoming month of Ramadan, lecture activities will be stopped from 5 pm to 8 pm and after that they may resume,” said Iwan Taruna.

Elsewhere, the gymnastic event was resumed with FMIPA students also participating. Morning harmony also provides food and drinks available to the left of the FMIPA parking lot. While enjoying dishes, the participants were entertained by TITIK FMIPA UKM. The event ended right on schedule because at the same time the CBEPT exam was taking place in the FMIPA Mathematics building.