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FMIPA UNEJ Celebrates the 59th Anniversary of the University of Jember in 2023

The UNEJ FMIPA Academic Community also celebrated the 59th anniversary of the University of Jember in 2023. Almost all the competition agendas in the month of the UNEJ anniversary were attended by teaching staff, educational staff, students, and even dharma wanita persatuan FMIPA. Some of them were able to win the championship title, which was announced at the peak of the anniversary night last night. Dr. Ika Hesti Agustin, S.Si., M.Si., from the Mathematics Department won 3rd place in the Best Lecturer Performance category, and Novian Rico Saputra, a chemistry student, won 1st place in the Student Achievement category. The award plaque was handed over directly by the Rector of Jember University, Iwan Taruna.

In the category of Best Colloquium Presenter in the field of Science and Technology, 1st place was won by Dr. rer. nat. Fuad Bahrul Ulum, S.Si., M.Sc. from the Biology Department, FMIPA. This is the second time Fuad has achieved this achievement, after last year’s death he also received the Best Colloquium Presenter award. Meanwhile, in the sports category, FMIPA staff Sri Lestari, A.Md managed to win 3rd place in the women’s singles table tennis competition. The peak night of UNEJ’s 59th Anniversary with the theme Sustainability Progress for Heritage Indonesia was lively with various entertainment offerings. Continue reading


Collaboration in Teaching Biodiversity Courses: Masters in Biology, FMIPA UNEJ, and FMIPA UB

Master of Biology FMIPA Jember University and Master of Biology FMIPA Brawijaya University held a collaboration to teach biodiversity courses online (15/9). Prof. Dr. Amin Setyo Leksono from Brawijaya University, as the speaker, delivered material on animal population estimation methods. “We need an animal population approach first, both census and sampling,” he initially said. Continuing the census requires a lot of personnel to count all the flora in an area. Meanwhile, sampling can be done using direct or indirect analysis.

Prof. Amin continued direct sampling itself, divided into several methods. “There are quadratic methods, transect lines, exploration and exclusion methods, and finally we have to calculate the population size,” he continued. For indirect methods, there are several methods, including traps, concentration calculations, trace counts, and interview methods. The conclusion from the initial session was that the benefit of animal estimation is knowing population dynamics patterns, including influencing factors. “We come to know the potential of each type, its role and benefits, and finally, what policies to take for this population,” he concluded. Continue reading


PKKMB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember 2023: “Scientist Muda Berani Berkarya”

New Students of the University of Jember FMIPA entered the parking lot while shouting “Scientist Muda Berani Berkarya” after participating in the student inauguration ceremony and the opening of the PKKMB by Rektor of the University of Jember (14/8). “Welcome to FMIPA UNEJ, a faculty that will turn all of you into young scientists, who will have the courage to produce works,” said Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. Dean of FMIPA UNEJ. It was also conveyed that FMIPA has the facilities and professional staff who will assist in realizing these ideals.

New FMIPA students will receive PKKMB material in a class or group determined by the committee. Together with BEMF MIPA, the committee has prepared PKKMB as comfortable as possible, starting from delivering materials to MABA health services. The Dean of FMIPA also hopes that students will actively participate in lectures and follow information, especially scholarships. “The student is very lucky, because there are many scholarship opportunities, not only KIP, but there are many more and you should know that from the start,” he said. Continue reading


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Hosts Jember University Morning Harmony Quarterly

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences hosted the Jember University Morning Harmonies quarterly (17/3). The activity began with joint gymnastics which was attended by Rector, Vice Rector, all Deans and heads of institutions within the University of Jember. Participated in Retired UNEJ. UNEJ academic community and Dharma Wanita FMIPA association. “Our morning harmony this morning coincides with the implementation quarter, so we invite all colleagues, retirees, and all members of the community to be healthy together with gymnastics,” said the Dean of FMIPA.

Meanwhile in his remarks, Rector of the University of Jember, Iwan Taruna Harmoni Pagi is held every month with a rotating host. “Harmoni Pagi aims to strengthen the relationship between the Jember University extended family, build togetherness, and improve health,” said Iwan Taruna. On that occasion, Rector drew lots of votes for the faculty that will host the next Morning Harmony is Faculty of Engineering. Continue reading


DWP FMIPA Becomes Joint Committee for DWP’s 23rd Anniversary and 94th Mother’s Day at Catur Wulan DWP UNEJ

Dharma Wanita Persatuan FMIPA UNEJ became a joint committee with the DWP Faculty of Pharmacy, FTP, FKG, and FKEP on the 23rd DWP Anniversary and 94th Mother’s Day at Catur Wulan DWP UNEJ (21/12). The event with the theme Optimizing the role of mothers in improving children’s health through the use of TOGA plants was held at the Auditorium of the University of Jember. Starting from the cutting of the tumpeng by the Head of DWP UNEJ Wiwin Iwan Taruna accompanied by Rina Slamin and Rini Bambang Kuswandi. Continued handing over the rope of compassion to the foster children.

Nur Sa’dijah Achmad Saifullah as Chairperson of DWP FMIPA UNEJ also had the opportunity to provide compassion with the Chairperson of the DWP UNEJ who was the committee at the event. “Tali asih is also part of the FMIPA DWP program, as some time ago we conveyed to students in the form of educational donations,” said Nur Sa’dijah. The program is part of several fields in DWP FMIPA, namely education, economics and socio-culture. Continue reading


The Dean and FMIPA JABODETABEK Alumni Families follow Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE

The Dean of FMIPA UNEJ and alumni of FMIPA throughout JABODETABEK and their families took part in the Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE in the GBK area of Jakarta (27/11). “I am very happy, I am happy to be able to stay in touch with alumni of FMIPA UNEJ, tell each other stories, share experiences and messages of hope for their juniors,” said the Dean. At FMIPA booth, alumni said that now they have worked in various companies in the JABODETABEK area. One of them is Rido, an alumnus of the Mathematics Department who now works as a data consultant for a US company.

“After 2021, I am now working as a data consultant for a US company, the mathematics I got while studying at FMIPA can be applied here,” said Rido, who previously worked on SCTV national TV, MNCTV and KompasTV. Continue reading