Campus Study of FPMIPA IKIP PGRI Bali

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education Faculty (FPMIPA) of IKIP PGRI Bali on Tuesday (17 October 2017). Dean of FMIPA University of Jember Drs. Sujito, Ph.D. presented the Vision, Mission and Aim of FMIPA, Department and Programme in FMIPA. Pak Jito also explained the achievement of accreditation from several study programs and achievement of FMIPA students at national level. Also student exchanges in some developed countries such as Japan and Germany. “Next week Bachelor of Science Chemistry will receive visitation from BAN-PT accreditation team, hopefully get maximum value” he explained. It was also explain FMIPA University of Jember has 3 Masters Programs: Mathematics, Biology and Physics. “For undergraduate students IKIP PGRI Bali who want to continue the study, we are ready to serve with the support of teachers who are professional fields also supported facilities and laboratories are very good” he said as he promoted.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Jito with Vice Dean I, Vice Dean II and Prof. I Made Tirta, a Balinese lecturer, said that the University of Jember implemented a semi-decentralized system of learning and finance activities. “Finally, we are on behalf of all civitas akademika of FMIPA University of Jember to thank students and delegates from IKIP PGRI Bali, it is our honor to be able to share experiences in learning process” he concluded.

Participants of the visit are invited to Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Biology because it is in accordance with FPMIPA IKIP PGRI which has two the same Bachelor Program. In Mathematics, Kusbudiono, S.Si., M.Si. as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics to give a speech by introducing faculty and facilities, especially laboratory. “Especially for statistical laboratories we have a virtual statistics laboratory that can be accessed anytime and anywhere” he explained at the end of the speech. Student of Mathematics Study Program of FPMIPA IKIP PGRI was invited to visit basic mathematics laboratory and applied mathematics laboratory which also contain reading room for students.

Dokumentasi Kegiatan

In basic mathematics laboratories, introduced mathematical applications commonly used by students for the practice of Matlab and Maple. Abduh Riski, S.Si., M.Sc. one of the lecturers who have practice with Matlab provides several examples in solving a case using the application. Next Prof. I Made Tirta the master of virtual statistics laboratory gives an explanation of its use and its advantages by demonstrating several stastistica models. Student of Mathematics Study Program of FPMIPA IKIP PGRI is invited to give input for virtual statistics laboratory based on R and this web for further development.

Rendy Setiawan, S.Si. M.Si. the lecturer of the Bachelor of Science Biology accompanies the visiting participants to be introduced to several laboratories. Starting from Basic Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology to the last to the biotechnology laboratory which is the latest laboratory owned by the Biology Studies Program. In some laboratories that coincide during the lab, participants can see the process of making the solution. Participants are invited to see Green House, Animal Care Unit and Botanical Garden belonging to Bachelor of Science Biology of FMIPA which is used for learning process, research and also community service.