Campus Study of MAN Keboan Jombang

FMIPA Universitas Jember got a Campus Study from students of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) Keboan Jombang on Thursday (5 October 2017). Dean of FMIPA University of Jember, Drs. Sujito, Ph.D introduced FMIPA to the students. “The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences consists of four undergraduate courses and three master programs that are all accredited B and Bachelor of Science Physics graduate awarded accreditation A in June 2017 yesterday” he said at the beginning of the speech. It was also conveyed that the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) has produced alumni spread across several jobs, from governments such as teachers, lecturers and staff. Anyone who joined the private sector such as banking and television, also pursue the field of entrepreneurship. “Because FMIPA students have been trained to be independent and master the field of knowledge gained during lectures, provided many scholarships also for students to exchange students abroad such as Germany for college students after graduating from FMIPA” he concluded.

Students of MAN Keboan Jombang are also given the opportunity to visit the department at FMIPA. With divided into four groups in rotation learn and know: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As a companion of Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan (HMJ) invites students to know the classroom, laboratory and infrastructure facilities available in the study program. Also introduced tools used to practice Basic Physics, Basic Chemistry and Basic Biology. For Mathematics, students are introduced to applications commonly used by students for practicum such as Maple, Matlab and online applications from statistical laboratories.

Some alumni from MAN Keboan Jombang is now a student of FMIPA Universitas Jember. Siti Febriana Fatmala, a student in the Bachelor of Science Mathematics. As an alumnus, Siti becomes a guide for junior to know what and how to FMIPA University of Jember. The arrival of Campus MAN Keboan Jombang study is on time, because in the mid-semester of the semester is almost all students carry out the practice in the laboratory. Directly students can know the process of learning and practice with a very adequate tool in FMIPA University of Jember.