Department of Mathematics FMIPA Student won Silver Medals at The iWareBatik International Hackathon Event 2021

Mita Kornilia Dewi, Departments of Mathematics Department’s student angkatan 2018, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNEJ with University of Jember team, won Silver Prime Defender – Distinction at iWareBatik Ideas International Hackathon Event 2021. “This event is an international event with judges from several countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Indonesia. who is a collaborator on the USI UNESCO Chair” said Mita. Mita also said that the selection stage started from University selection which was held on October 3-6, 2021 ago. Each University sends several delegates who will be re-selected to get best essay. Furthermore, the selected participants will participate in mentoring on 11-12 October 2021. For your infomation, besides Mita in University of Jember team, there are Aida Nur Azizah from Faculty of Computer Science and Ulfah Wahdiyani from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. They are guided by drg. Agustin Wulan Suci D., MDSc, ​​one of the lecturers at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Jember. After receiving briefing, the UNEJ team participated in the first round of the Hanckathon Competition which was held on October 15, 2021. “This round includes a presentation session to convey innovation, University of Jember team raised theme The Room Inside iWareBatik which is a new innovation to maintain application security,” continued girl who is also Official Campus Ambassador at International Model United Nations (IMUN).

Mita in interview session said that this innovation is to overcome users who intend to abuse the application. Therefore, a key is created to detect who can use it. “So, for users who do not have a key, they can only see the front screen of the application but cannot apply it” she explained. While those who have the key can apply it. University of Jember team chose this innovation because they saw that the previous iWareBatik application had no data and key security innovations. Therefore, team made an innovation with the aim of maintaining the security of iWareBatik application data.

After the presentation stage of first round is complete, semifinal and final stages will be continued on October 29, 2021, which includes a presentation and question and answer session at end of championship announcement event. “Alhamdulillah, University of Jember team won a silver medal at international level,” said Mita who was proud to be able to present the medal to campus which was celebrating its 57th anniversary. On that occasion Mita also told the toughest rival when competing.

“We all think that the toughest competition is because of the large number of participants, there are 926 participants who have been selected nationally. The next only 15 universities were selected” she explained. This competition is said to be tough because in addition to large number of participants with unique and good innovations, this competition has little preparation time but still demands the results of renewable innovations. This competition was participated by participants from each university who had a high competitive spirit. “Although competition is through a zoom meeting, zona panas of competition is not far from sense of offline competition” she concluded.