Director of PTPN XII East Java: Quo Vadis, a Physics graduate, want and can go anywhere?

The Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember has a golden opportunity to hold a Guest Lecture that presents Siwi Peni, S.Si., M.M. Director of PT. Nusantara XII Plantation, East Java (16/9). Guest lecture with the theme “Quo Vadis, a Physics graduate, want and can go anywhere?” carried out in 2 sessions, namely a sharing session and a question session.

To note, “Quo Vadis” is a sentence from Latin which literally means “where are you going?”. This theme was taken to provide motivation for students in determining their direction after completing their studies in Physics. In the sharing session, Siwi Peni shared her experience in achieving her goals until she was finally able to stand at her current point. “Aspirations and goals are very important in achieving success. Without clear goals and objectives, success will not be achieved,” he explained.

Siwi also shared a simple dream when he was in college. “I want to buy a 4 burner gas stove and a washing machine after graduation,” continued the alumnus of the Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM. He remembers from this simple dream that it was able to bring him to where he is now.

Siwi Peni also recounted the various difficulties and failures experienced which were used as whips to move forward. In front of the guest lecture participants, Siwi invites physics students in particular not to be trapped in a physics work environment. This can be seen in the field that he is currently working in, which is actually a physics graduate. “Physics graduates can not only work in the field of physics but in various fields” he concluded.

Previously the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc, Ph.D. in his speech, he said that all participants could listen and imitate the inspiring figure of Siwi Peni. “Mrs. Siwi Peni is a real example of how physics graduates can continue their careers in a broad scope,” he said. The event was attended by physics students from various generations and also lecturers from the Department of Physics, FMIPA. This guest lecture supports the ongoing accreditation in the Department of Physics. This was revealed by Dr. Artoto Arkundato, S.Si, M.Si.. who is the head of the accreditation team. “Physics is currently conducting accreditation, hopefully this event can help increase the quality of our curriculum so that it becomes more active” he explained.

The guest lecture ended with a question and answer session for the participants. The question relates to the current situation where finding work is difficult. However, the concerns expressed by this student were able to be responded well by Siwi Peni. “Don’t worry too much, the future will come true if we want it or in other words try really hard to achieve it,” he said. Closing The Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Head of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences gave souvenirs to Siwi Peni, S.Si., M.M. A group photo was also taken with all guest lecture participants.