FMIPA UNEJ and PRLTB BRIN Ready to Collaborate in the Field of Environment and Clean Technology

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember held discussions on collaboration with the Center for Environmental Research and Clean Technology of the National Research and Innovation Agency (PRLTB-BRIN) online (16/1). FMIPA UNEJ led by the Dean Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. accompanied by vice deans and lecturer representatives involved in the collaboration. From PRLTB BRIN, the Research Team Coordinator Dr. Hanies Ambarsari, BSc., M. ApplSc. along with staff and the BRIN Legal and Cooperation Bureau Team.

One of the aims of the collaboration is to increase scientific insight and experience for students in various scientific activities. “In the field of service research, through this collaboration collaborative research and development of science and technology can be produced which focuses on solving various problems, especially in the fields of MIPA, Environment and Clean Technology,” said the Dean of FMIPA.

The PRLTB-BRIN representative said that the Center for Research on Environment and Clean Technology has the technical tasks of research, development, study and application, as well as inventions and innovations in the field of environment and clean technology. “It is hoped that the collaboration between PRLTB-BRIN and universities, especially FMIPA, will work together to build competent science and technology human resources, produce global publications and intellectual property that is effective,” he said.

This is contained within the scope of cooperation, namely joint research and innovation activities, mentoring and mentoring of students, preparation of drafts and registration of patents, joint publications, organizing seminars/training/knowledge sharing, teaching/guest lectures, utilization of experts, community service and others. finally the application of appropriate technology.

According to the agreement, the duration of the collaboration is 3 years until 2026. To facilitate communication, a representative from each party, namely Dr. Hanies Ambarsari, BSc., M. ApplSc. from PRLTB-BRIN and Novita Andarini, S.Si., M.Si from FMIPA UNEJ. For information, FMIPA UNEJ has collaborated a lot with universities, institutions, companies and farmer groups in 2022. “At the beginning of 2023 we will open it through a cooperation agreement in the environmental and clean technology sectors with PRLTB-BRIN,” concluded the Dean of FMIPA.