Journal of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Field Coverage, BERKALA SAINSTEK is now DOAJ indexed

The journal BERKALA SAINSTEK which covers several fields of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is now indexed by the Directory Open Access Journal or DOAJ (10/1). “BERKALA SAINSTEK or BST can finally be DOAJ indexed after some time experiencing rejection and an embargo for 6 months,” said Siswoyo, Chief Editor of BST who is also Deputy Dean I of FMIPA UNEJ. BST is a fairly senior journal within UNEJ. Apart from the MIPA field, BST broadly covers the fields of natural sciences and technology involving editors from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Teaching and Education.

“BST is a fairly senior journal along with 8 other journals at UNEJ, indexed DOAJ, following its younger siblings in MIPA, namely the ILMU BASIC Journal and CERiMRE,” he continued. BST began publication in 2013 and has been accredited by SINTA 4. “In the beginning, BST became a forum for articles from UNEJ students and lecturers, but in recent years it has become a national journal with writers from several universities outside UNEJ,” explained Siswoyo.

FMIPA UNEJ has an accredited SINTA 3 accredited Jurnal ILMU DASAR (JID), also DOAJ indexed, DOAJ indexed Computational and Experimental Research in Materials and Renewable Energy (CERiMRE) is in the process of accreditation, Indonesian Chimica Letters (ICL), a journal with an ISSN and the newest Life Science and Biotechnology (LSB) is in the initial pilot process.

“BERKALA SAINSTEK, even though it is published by UNEJ, is very close to FMIPA because most of the administrators are from FMIPA, also emotionally related to the journals at FMIPA,” concluded Siswoyo. With DOAJ indexed, it will be very helpful to improve the assessment of the BST re-accreditation form which will be submitted soon when ARJUNA reopens.