FMIPA UNEJ encourages the Acceleration of Lecturer Promotions

The leadership of FMIPA UNEJ through Vice Dean II held an information update meeting and a progress report on the accelerated promotion of batch 1 lecturers online (6/1). “This meeting is the fifth time at the beginning of the year, the rank for lecturers is important for the institution even though it is also the lecturer’s personal domain,” the Dean of FMIPA started in his speech. The meeting was attended by all lecturers in FMIPA. Furthermore, the Dean invited all lecturers who were ready to immediately identify their needs in submitting promotions.

“For lecturers who have the potential to be promoted, there will be a special agenda for assistance by the FMIPA staffing team so they can immediately be promoted this month,” he continued. Recently, FMIPA has concentrated on accelerating the promotion of lecturers. Starting from the socialization process to accelerating the completeness of supporting documents. “Before starting the even semester lectures and the completed BKD, it is hoped that the lecturers can concentrate on taking care of their promotion,” he concluded.

The next agenda was led by the Vice Dean II of FMIPA who conveyed the realization of the accelerated promotion of lecturers. “There are already 10 lecturers who have carried out the document collection process for promotion,” said Purwatiningsih. Vice Dean II also conveyed the current functional composition of FMIPA lecturers. During the accelerated implementation, the FMIPA staffing team is also preparing to submit a title listing.

“As a follow-up, we will hold a special quarantine for lecturers who are committed to fulfilling the PAK requirements,” he continued. All lecturers are asked to fill out a statement and send a scientific work link. “After collecting the data, we will determine lecturers who are ready to be quarantined and of course there will be consequences for those who don’t respond,” he explained.

The quarantine program will be carried out per department with the agenda of assisting in completeness of documents, checking plagiarism of scientific work, examining peer reviews, inputting scientific work at SKKD, filling out PAK forms, and preparing for PAK sessions. “We plan the quarantine agenda for February tomorrow after the data enters FMIPA staffing,” concluded Purwatiningsih.

The FMIPA staffing team, Hadi Suwono, on that occasion delivered a presentation on Academic Quality Improvement through the Acceleration of Lecturer Promotions. The presentation serves as a guide for lecturers in the promotion process, because it presents several requirements that must be met in applying for PAK. The meeting was followed by a question and answer session from the participants to Deputy II FMIPA and the FMIPA UNEJ staffing team.