The Peak Night of RESANDRIA and the 2022 Anniversary of UKMS TITIK FMIPA University of Jember

The series of 23rd FMIPA UNEJ anniversary events have been held. The peak night of RESANDRIA Rise And ShinE within the Delightful CelebRatioNs of FMIPA Anniversary, the theme for this year’s FMIPA anniversary was closing at Soejarwo Building, University of Jember some time ago. Faculty leaders and all FMIPA residents were also present to witness the selection of the 2022 MIPA ambassador finalists. The finalists showed off their talents to be selected as FMIPA 2022 ambassadors chosen by the jury and votes from FMIPA residents.

Apart from the 2022 FMIPA ambassadors, the peak night also awarded Indonesian and English MIPA Student Debate Competition competitions, photography competitions, mobile legend e-sport, and the 2022 Student Creativity Program Competition. only this year,” explained the committee. Symbolically the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ symbolically closed the series of the 23rd anniversary of FMIPA in 2022.

The peak evening was even more lively with the presence of guests Dedek Sutejo and Jasmine n up coustic. Dedek Sutejo, a local artist, broke the ice by bringing a contemporary song that is currently hype. Jasmine’s appearance n up coustic also managed to anesthetize the FMIPA members who were present. Jasmine is a TikTok content creator who is currently a hit among young people.

At this year’s FMIPA anniversary, a student survey was also held via gform to choose favorite lecturers from each department. “Selection of favorite lecturers can be used as material to find out the characteristics of lecturers that are liked by students,” said the Dean and the initiator of the selection. Through this event, it is hoped that lecturers can compete to be better and more friendly with students.

“A good relationship between lecturers and students can also support the learning process even better,” he continued. The selection of favorite lecturers is chosen per department. From the Mathematics Department, Dr. Firdaus Ubaidillah, S.Si., M.Si, from the Department of Physics Dr. Sutisna, S.Pd., M.Si., Drs. Zulfikar, Ph.D, and the biology major made Rendy Setiawan, S.Si., M.Si. favorite lecturer. The favorite lecturer award was given directly by the Dean of FMIPA.

On a different occasion, TITIK UKMS held a 2022 anniversary. The Jember University PKM Building was held last December 17, attended by MIPA and outside MIPA students free of charge. The Anniversary of UKMS Titik carries the theme: Mister with the title: Elefttheria Sentrum. Fine art exhibitions, short film screenings, theater and music are also featured. Rapunzel’s fairy tale is the highlight of the theatrical performance of UKMS TITIK. The treats are even more epic with the display of fine art along the aisle leading to the stage. At the end of the event, rock music was closed with a composition of pop songs arranged into rock tunes that made the visitors immersed in the atmosphere.