DWP FMIPA Becomes Joint Committee for DWP’s 23rd Anniversary and 94th Mother’s Day at Catur Wulan DWP UNEJ

Dharma Wanita Persatuan FMIPA UNEJ became a joint committee with the DWP Faculty of Pharmacy, FTP, FKG, and FKEP on the 23rd DWP Anniversary and 94th Mother’s Day at Catur Wulan DWP UNEJ (21/12). The event with the theme Optimizing the role of mothers in improving children’s health through the use of TOGA plants was held at the Auditorium of the University of Jember. Starting from the cutting of the tumpeng by the Head of DWP UNEJ Wiwin Iwan Taruna accompanied by Rina Slamin and Rini Bambang Kuswandi. Continued handing over the rope of compassion to the foster children.

Nur Sa’dijah Achmad Saifullah as Chairperson of DWP FMIPA UNEJ also had the opportunity to provide compassion with the Chairperson of the DWP UNEJ who was the committee at the event. “Tali asih is also part of the FMIPA DWP program, as some time ago we conveyed to students in the form of educational donations,” said Nur Sa’dijah. The program is part of several fields in DWP FMIPA, namely education, economics and socio-culture.

Catur Wulan DWP UNEJ also gave love to the warakawuri. In this case, it was conveyed by the Chairperson of the Jember University DWP Wiwin Iwan Taruna. The next session was the presentation from the first resource person, dr. Muhammad Ali Shodikin, Sp.A, M.Kes. Hospital pediatrician. Soebandi and RS. Bina Sehat Jember provides material with the theme Nutrition to support children’s immunity.

The second source, apt. Siti Muslichah, S.Si., M.Sc., lecturer in Pharmaceutical Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy UNEJ. Pharmacist with specialization in Ethnopharmacy and Herbal Products delivered a presentation on the use of TOGA for children’s health. The DWP UNEJ quarterly participants were given the opportunity to ask the two presenters. Last, the committee gave door prizes to all participants who attended.