IKAMIPA UNEJ Holds 2023 General Meeting to Choose New Management

IKAMIPA UNEJ again held a general meeting on July 13, 2023, at the FMIPA Chemistry Building. IKAMIPA UNEJ is an alumni association organization for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember, which was formed on October 22, 2013, so now IKAMIPA UNEJ is one decade old. At the general meeting, which was also packaged as the 2023 Alumni Gathering Event, three main agenda items were also discussed: activity and financial reports from the previous IKAMIPA management; election of the new chairman of IKAMIPA UNEJ; preparation of the management structure of IKAMIPA UNEJ; and discussion of AD/ART..

The General Meeting, which was attended by 20 offline participants and 22 online participants, brought up 4 candidates for general chairpersons proposed by each alumni from the 4 major assemblies at FMIPA, namely: Istiqomah Rahmawati (Chemical Alumni Batch 2009), Tri Ratnasari (Biology Alumni Batch 2004), Endah Purwandari (Physics Alumni Class of 1999), and finally Abduh Riski (Mathematics Alumni Class of 2007). The results of the deliberations determined that Abduh Riski was elected as the new Chairman of the IKAMIPA UNEJ with a vote of 29 votes..

“Congratulations on the formation of the new management of IKAMIPA UNEJ, and hopefully it can be useful for all alumni of FMIPA UNEJ,” said Bahrul Muhith, General Chairperson of IKAMIPA UNEJ during the previous period at the position handover session. Bahrul also expressed his appreciation to the organizers, who had prepared so that the hybrid event could run smoothly. Present on the agenda was Vice Dean III FMIPA UNEJ, Dr. Edy Supriyanto, S.Si., M.Sc., representing the Dean as Patron of IKAMIPA UNEJ..

Abduh Riski, as General Chairperson for the 2023-2027 term of office, delivered the initial remarks of his leadership at IKAMIPA. “Thank you for the trust that has been given, and I ask for help and support from FMIPA alumni friends; without everyone’s support and help, there would never be IKAMIPA,” he said. Abduh Riski also advised all participants to actively participate in IKAMIPA. “In this case, IKAMIPA must be able to contribute to fellow alumni, for younger siblings who are still students, for the general public, and of course for the alma mater of FMIPA UNEJ. If Jember University has the tagline Tradition of Excellence, IKAMIPA UNEJ also has the tagline, namely Tradition of Contribution,” he concluded..