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Sindhi Wahidatul Ikrimah Biology Alumni Gives Motivation to Graduates at FMIPA UNEJ Alumni Sharing

Sindhi Wahidatul Ikrimah, S.Si., alumni of the 2017 FMIPA Biology Department, was present to provide motivation to FMIPA UNEJ graduates at the alumni sharing event (23/2). Sindhi shared her experience working at Tanobel Food as a quality control officer and also explained how she achieved this position. “The position I am currently in is different from when I was studying, but with will and perseverance, I can do it well, especially at FMIPA. I have the basics,” she said.

Sindhi said several companies, like the one where he works, are interested in fresh graduates. “Why fresh graduates? Because companies need people who are enthusiastic about working with high mobility, and that’s what fresh graduates do,” she said. Sindhi also proved to herself that, as a new graduate, she could compete and get a job. So there is no need to be discouraged if you are said to have just graduated from college, because many companies are interested, of course, with the criteria that must be met.
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Faishol Amir, S.Si., M.E. Invite FMIPA UNEJ Graduates to Have Confidence in Facing the World of Work

Faishol Amir, S.Si., M.E. alumni of the 2005 FMIPA Mathematics Department, was present to provide motivation to FMIPA UNEJ graduates at the alumni sharing event (5/1). The man, who is a civil servant from the Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Situbondo, invited participants to develop a confident mindset for competing and succeeding in the world of work. “Instill a mindset of self-confidence to compete with other job seekers; we FMIPA alumni are ready for that,” said the BPS Young Statistician. Faishol also shared his experience when he started his career by competing with alumni of well-known universities.

It was said that FMIPA UNEJ graduates can and are able to win the competition in the world of work with maximum effort and a confident mindset. The alumni of the Brawijaya University Masters in Economics Postgraduate Program also invited alumni sharing participants not to be stingy with job vacancy information. “For me, sharing locker information does not reduce opportunities; it will actually give us lots of prayers for success,” he said. This principle has been successfully implemented, and it is a joy to be able to share it with others. Continue reading


FMIPA UNEJ Alumni Sharing: The Importance of Communication and Self-Preparation, the Foundation for Successful Work and Further Study

Communication and self-preparation are the most important foundations that prospective graduates must understand and apply when working or continuing their studies. This was revealed at the alumni sharing event for periods V and VI of the 2023–2024 academic year (27/10). Presenting two alumni, Rofiki Fahim, S.Si., alumni of the Physics Department in 2019, who now work as physics teachers at MA Unggulan Nuris Jember as well as Naib Mudir staff at Ma’had Aly Nurul Islam Jember, and alumni of the Chemistry Department in 2013, Miranti Puspitasari, S.Si., M.Si., who is now QC staff at PT. Gading Mas Indonesia Teguh (GMIT).

“Now is the time for prospective graduates to establish themselves to continue working or studying, and they must prepare themselves as best as possible,” began Rofiki Fahim. He also explained the choice to work through careful consideration and, of course, preparing yourself to be able to compete for work. This man, who likes exact lessons, said that his love of physics has led him to now work as a physics teacher. “Even since high school, I have indirectly prepared myself with the knowledge that I am pursuing to be able to work in that field, namely physics,” he continued. Continue reading


Ready to Work After Graduation: Two FMIPA UNEJ Alumni Share Their Experiences

Jember University’s FMIPA Alumni Sharing was held again to welcome the graduation for the 3rd academic year 2023-2024 (6/10). Presenting two FMIPA alumni who provided experience entering the world of work after the graduation procession. Andy Setyawan, an alumni of the 2007 FMIPA Mathematics Department, started sharing his experiences with prospective graduates. “You need an advantage to compete with other job seekers, to be a differentiator so that companies will pay attention,” he began. Andy said that after graduating with a high GPA, it turned out that he needed to be supported by other capable skills. The ability to think critically, be quick and efficient, be able to multitask, and be ready to work under pressure is also required.

“We must have this in order to be able to compete with other prospective workers, especially since the company we are targeting is a large company,” said Andy, who currently serves as Control Room and Patroller Team Leader at PT. Solusi Bangun Indonesia, Tuban. He also said that when he applied for a job in the past, he armed himself with more skills in processing data via Excel. “Maybe you all ask, Why Excel? Because if we master Excel, it will be able to process thousands of pieces of data quickly and accurately,” he continued. Continue reading


UNEJ FMIPA Alumni Sharing: Prepare Yourself After Graduation, Office Work or Entrepreneurship?

Shandiputra Budhi Perdana, S.Si. alumni of the Mathematics Department class of 2007 and Fatmawati, S.Si. alumni of the Biology Department class of 2004 attended the Alumni Sharing to provide motivation to prospective graduates for period I of the 2023/2024 academic year (4/8). “Before starting my own business, I was also an office worker at a bank and an insurance company,” said Shandi at the beginning of the presentation of Too Mad To Math material . He also said that FMIPA alumni were flexible to be able to work in many fields, and started thinking about goals after graduation.

“To start something requires courage, and if you want to develop it you need knowledge,” he said. Shandi also said that after leaving the office, he started entrepreneurship related to plants. “The first entrepreneurship I was involved in was a plant, how come it was so far from mathematics? yes, but knowledge can be sought and supported by the courage to start,” continued Shandi at the event which was held in the General Room of the Chemistry Department, FMIPA UNEJ in a hybrid manner. Continue reading


IKAMIPA UNEJ Holds 2023 General Meeting to Choose New Management

IKAMIPA UNEJ again held a general meeting on July 13, 2023, at the FMIPA Chemistry Building. IKAMIPA UNEJ is an alumni association organization for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember, which was formed on October 22, 2013, so now IKAMIPA UNEJ is one decade old. At the general meeting, which was also packaged as the 2023 Alumni Gathering Event, three main agenda items were also discussed: activity and financial reports from the previous IKAMIPA management; election of the new chairman of IKAMIPA UNEJ; preparation of the management structure of IKAMIPA UNEJ; and discussion of AD/ART..

The General Meeting, which was attended by 20 offline participants and 22 online participants, brought up 4 candidates for general chairpersons proposed by each alumni from the 4 major assemblies at FMIPA, namely: Istiqomah Rahmawati (Chemical Alumni Batch 2009), Tri Ratnasari (Biology Alumni Batch 2004), Endah Purwandari (Physics Alumni Class of 1999), and finally Abduh Riski (Mathematics Alumni Class of 2007). The results of the deliberations determined that Abduh Riski was elected as the new Chairman of the IKAMIPA UNEJ with a vote of 29 votes.. Continue reading