UNEJ FMIPA Alumni Sharing: Prepare Yourself After Graduation, Office Work or Entrepreneurship?

Shandiputra Budhi Perdana, S.Si. alumni of the Mathematics Department class of 2007 and Fatmawati, S.Si. alumni of the Biology Department class of 2004 attended the Alumni Sharing to provide motivation to prospective graduates for period I of the 2023/2024 academic year (4/8). “Before starting my own business, I was also an office worker at a bank and an insurance company,” said Shandi at the beginning of the presentation of Too Mad To Math material . He also said that FMIPA alumni were flexible to be able to work in many fields, and started thinking about goals after graduation.

“To start something requires courage, and if you want to develop it you need knowledge,” he said. Shandi also said that after leaving the office, he started entrepreneurship related to plants. “The first entrepreneurship I was involved in was a plant, how come it was so far from mathematics? yes, but knowledge can be sought and supported by the courage to start,” continued Shandi at the event which was held in the General Room of the Chemistry Department, FMIPA UNEJ in a hybrid manner.

Shandi continued his entrepreneurial days from selling cactus souvenirs, renting plants, making gardens to establishing a legal company. “The company was established because the entrepreneur I was involved in had to conduct a tender and it was a government project,” he explained. He further said that the company is expanding its business from plants to other fields such as lighting, sound systems , clothing to karaoke. At the end of the material, Shandi explained the trick to starting a business, namely choosing a business idea according to your passion , doing market research, and choosing a product. “The tricks are all supported by adhering to the keys to success, namely skill, risk taking , persistent and creative/innovative determination,” he concluded.

Previously, Vice Dean III of FMIPA UNEJ, Dr. Edy Supriyanto, S.Si., M,Si. representing the Dean of FMIPA invited prospective graduates to keep in touch with their alma mater and reminded them to complete a tracer study . “After you graduate, don’t forget to fill out a tracer study, so we can find out how you were after leaving college at FMIPA,” he said. Deputy Dean III of FMIPA also invited prospective graduates to be able to communicate and get information through the FMIPA alumni association which recently appointed new management.

Furthermore, the delivery of motivation from Fatimah, S.Si. online. “Prospective graduates are fresh graduates who are known as job seekers with the ambition of up-to-date ideas,” initially conveying material on the topic of fresh graduates between opportunities and challenges. Fresh graduates have advantages and disadvantages that must be observed by prospective graduates, especially regarding experience. “Sometimes it has been thought that experience is the main factor for failure, but there are other indicators that can be optimized,” he continued.

Documention of Sharing Alumni

What must be prepared to enter the world of work?, Fatimah reviewed them one by one. The first step is preparation including prayer, setting goals, identifying your potential, preparing financially, and creating a network. “The application is personal branding, making a good CV, neat cover letter, actively looking for vacancies, preparing for interviews, making a list of vacancies and what matters is not being too picky,” he explained. Then there is a waiting period, continuing to actively try to hone skills and recognize stress management.

During the graduation period I for the 2023/2024 academic year, the highest GPA with honors was Adelia Nanda Pramudya, NIM 191810201042 with a GPA of 3.87 from the Department of Physics with a study period of 44.70 months. At the end of the event the participants were given a question and answer session to the presenters and closed with a group photo. Prospective graduates then take part in dress rehearsals for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony.