FMIPA Biology Masters Study Program Prepares LAMSAMA Accreditation Forms and National Standards

The Biology Masters Study Program FMIPA UNEJ held a FGD for Preparation of Accreditation Forms (LKPS and LED) for the LAMSAMA-Based National Standard Biology Masters Study Program (SN-Dikti) at Kalibaru Cottages Banyuwangi (28-30/7). The agenda includes the presentation of speakers related to LAMSAMA accreditation as well as discussing the preparation and filling out of the LKPS and LEDPS documents. “Hopefully in the next few days we can produce the best with the formation of a task force for compiling accreditation documents,” said Dr. Asmoro Lelono as Coordinator of the Biology Masters Study Program FMIPA on the sidelines of the FGD.

Present at the FGD Dean of FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. who delivered a presentation on the Strategic Plan and Business Plan of FMIPA University of Jember. “By seeing the enthusiasm of the task force team, hopefully the wish of the Biology Masters Study Program to achieve superior accreditation from LAMSAMA can be achieved, moreover there is an injection of news that the Bachelor of Biology Study Program has been accredited internationally by ASIIN in June 2023, Congratulations and success for the team,” said the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ. Accompanying the Deputy Dean II of FMIPA as well as Deputy Dean III of FMIPA with the UNEJ FMIPA GPM Team..

The FGD also discussed quality assurance of the study program by the Chair of the GPM, and continued with the LAMSAMA Accreditation PIC of the Masters Program in Biology FMIPA University of Jember regarding the steps that must be taken in preparing the LKPS and LEDPS documents. “If LAMSAMA is accredited as superior, the Biology Masters Program will be increasingly recognized nationally. This has a positive impact on graduates who will also be recognized internationally so that opportunities to get jobs are wider and worldwide,” said Dr. Esti Utarti PIC LAMSAMA Accreditation Masters Program in Biology FMIPA UNEJ..

The FGD activity was carried out by drafting the LAMSAMA LKPS and LEDPS documents that had been made for finalization. There are 9 criteria for the finalized LKPS and LEDPS documents, including:
Criterion 1: Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy
Criterion 2: Governance, Governance and Cooperation
Criterion 3: Students
Criterion 4: Human Resources
Criterion 5: Finance, Facilities and Infrastructure
Criterion 6: Education
Criterion 7: Research
Criterion 8: Community Service DTPS involving Students
Criterion 9: Outcomes and Achievements of the Tridarma

Resource person Rahmat Hidayat Yusuf, SE, MM, who is a stakeholder , delivered online material on the Competence of Graduates of the Masters in Biology Study Program for the World of Work. The material discussed will be useful for the Biology Masters Study Program regarding the preparation of CPL and curriculum, so that graduates have sufficient provisions to compete in the industrial world.