Journal of MIMS, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Accredited by SINTA 3

Congratulations and success for the MIMS journal in obtaining SINTA 3 accreditation from the Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology which has been waiting for some time,” said Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Deputy Dean I FMIPA UNEJ as well as Head of the Jember University OJS Team (31/7). MIMS is an old journal that was previously accredited by SINTA 4 and was also able to achieve the DOAJ index in April 2023. “MIMS is an old journal that already has many articles, with the achievement of SINTA 3 and also DOAJ, more and more writers are interested in submitting to MIMS,” continued Siswoyo.

MIMS is an acronym for the Scientific Mathematics and Statistics Magazine managed by the Department of Mathematics, FMIPA University of Jember. It has published a print edition since 2000 and has an online version since 2020. MIMS, led by Dr. Kristiana Wijaya as the Editor-in-chief , has prepared the SINTA re-accreditation process through finalizing the requirements from ARJUNA and first obtaining DOAJ to add assessment points.

“We registered the re-accreditation of MIMS at ARJUNA in November 2022. It took almost 7 months to wait to finally get SINTA 3, even though our hope is SINTA 2 according to the form we filled in,” Kristiana explained. This journal, which is published 2 times a year, hopes to continue to receive good articles from writers within UNEJ and outside as well as internationally. “By winning SINTA 3 and having DOAJ, MIMS can have quality articles so that our hopes of winning SINTA 2 can be achieved,” he concluded.

For information, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember has managed journals including the ILMU BASIC Journal, abbreviated as JID (FMIPA/DoAJ Indexed/Accredited SINTA 3) which has been publishing since 2000, BERKALA SAINSTEK, abbreviated as BST (FMIPA-Teknik-Fasilkom-FKIP/Accredited SINTA 4/ DOAJ) has been publishing since 2013.

Mathematics and Statistics Scientific Magazine abbreviated as MIMS (Mathematics Department/SINTA 3/DOAJ Accredited) has been publishing since 2000, Computational And Experimental Research In Materials And Renewable Energy or CERiMRE (Physics Department/SINTA 4/DOAJ Indexed) has been publishing since 2018; Indonesian Chimica Letters (Department of Chemistry/ISSN) publication in early 2022; Life Science & Biotechnology (Department of Biology/ISSN) publication in 2023.