Ready to Work After Graduation: Two FMIPA UNEJ Alumni Share Their Experiences

Jember University’s FMIPA Alumni Sharing was held again to welcome the graduation for the 3rd academic year 2023-2024 (6/10). Presenting two FMIPA alumni who provided experience entering the world of work after the graduation procession. Andy Setyawan, an alumni of the 2007 FMIPA Mathematics Department, started sharing his experiences with prospective graduates. “You need an advantage to compete with other job seekers, to be a differentiator so that companies will pay attention,” he began. Andy said that after graduating with a high GPA, it turned out that he needed to be supported by other capable skills. The ability to think critically, be quick and efficient, be able to multitask, and be ready to work under pressure is also required.

“We must have this in order to be able to compete with other prospective workers, especially since the company we are targeting is a large company,” said Andy, who currently serves as Control Room and Patroller Team Leader at PT. Solusi Bangun Indonesia, Tuban. He also said that when he applied for a job in the past, he armed himself with more skills in processing data via Excel. “Maybe you all ask, Why Excel? Because if we master Excel, it will be able to process thousands of pieces of data quickly and accurately,” he continued.

Previously, in remarks by the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D., he always reminded prospective graduates to complete the tracer study. “I often and definitely convey this when sharing alumni, so that prospective graduates fill out a study tracer to provide input for our alma mater,” he said. The dean also said that after graduation, everyone would remain a family through IKAMIPA. “Please join IKAMIPA to find out about developments at your alma mater, and of course, information about lockers will definitely be available. Remember, all of you will always be brothers in IKAMIPA,” he said. What was overlooked was the Dean inviting prospective graduates to prepare themselves for the graduation procession the next day.

The next alumni who provided experience was Deni R. Damara from the Biology Department at FMIPA. This graduate in the field of health biotechnology has the ability to analyze biological components in health laboratories and the food and pharmaceutical industries. “Maybe it’s almost the same as Mas Andy; I also bring technical skills apart from my biology field, from Microsoft Office to English language skills,” he said at first. Deni also said that his experience organizing while studying also supported him in pursuing his work, which requires interacting with other people.

Deni, who currently serves as QAQC Head or Supervisor at PT. Tirta Sukses Perkasa (Indofood Group), also said that communication is a bridge for integration and shows our dedication to the company. “Honesty is one of the keys to pursuing a job, especially for my job, which involves food safety,” he said. This man, who was born in Lumajang, also invited prospective graduates to be wise in pursuing their work, including reducing complaining. “Don’t follow the trend that is not good for millennial workers, who like to complain on social media about work,” he concluded.

At the graduation ceremony for the 3rd academic year 2023-2024, the highest GPA winner with honors was Ainur Rohmah, NIM 191810401047, with a GPA of 3.86 from the Biology Department and a study period of 45.00 months. This time, the alumni sharing was attended by not only period 3 graduation participants but also period 4 graduates who will graduate next week. At the end of the event, participants were given a question-and-answer session with the presenters and closed with a group photo. Prospective graduates then take part in a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony.

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