LSP Pertanian Nasional is present in the Extension of TUK Pertanian Biologi FMIPA UNEJ

Tempat Ujian Kompetensi (TUK) Pertanian for the Department of Biology, FMIPA, University of Jember extended the collaboration as a partner of Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Pertanian Nasional (5/12). “TUK Tissue Culture in Biology Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is a pioneer in carrying out competency tests in the East Java region,” said Surini Santoso, Director of LSP Pertanian Nasional. Surini hopes that in the future the TUK in Biology can add a certification scheme, because it really helps students enter the world of work.

“TUK is an extension of LSP which is an official institution appointed by BNSP to conduct competency tests,” he continued. Certification obtained from BNSP will be beneficial for prospective job seekers. Information from the Menpan RB, competency certificates have a value of 25% in the ASN acceptance process. For tertiary institutions, the competency test is the most important part according to Permendikbud No 3 of 2020.

The same thing was conveyed by the Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Achmad Sjaifullah in his opening remarks. “We will encourage lecturers with master’s degrees to take competency tests to meet the KPI stipulated in the Minister of Education and Culture,” he explained. The Dean also said that FMIPA has many opportunities for certification schemes by referring to the existing curriculum. “After Biology, it can be followed by other majors at FMIPA, for example chemistry while still referring to the existing curriculum,” he hoped.

Head of LSP Pertanian Biologi FMIPA, Purwatiningsih said that he had carried out technical guidance several times to the tissue culture competency test. Competency test participants apart from FMIPA are also from FKIP for the University of Jember. “Last year, Ubaya conducted a competency test for us, in the future USU will also follow suit,” he said. Heads of departments at FMIPA also participated in the event with the hope of being able to plan the implementation of competency tests for students, lecturers, and laboratory staff.