The Dean and FMIPA JABODETABEK Alumni Families follow Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE

The Dean of FMIPA UNEJ and alumni of FMIPA throughout JABODETABEK and their families took part in the Jalan Gembira Nasional KAUJE in the GBK area of Jakarta (27/11). “I am very happy, I am happy to be able to stay in touch with alumni of FMIPA UNEJ, tell each other stories, share experiences and messages of hope for their juniors,” said the Dean. At FMIPA booth, alumni said that now they have worked in various companies in the JABODETABEK area. One of them is Rido, an alumnus of the Mathematics Department who now works as a data consultant for a US company.

“After 2021, I am now working as a data consultant for a US company, the mathematics I got while studying at FMIPA can be applied here,” said Rido, who previously worked on SCTV national TV, MNCTV and KompasTV. To the Dean, he said that FMIPA alumni, especially JABODETABEK, were ready to share with students about tips and what needs to be prepared when they graduate from college.

“We alumni of FMIPA are ready to share experiences with our juniors regarding job opportunities after graduating from FMIPA, we will show that FMIPA graduates can compete and work in many sectors,” he added. The dean also received information that alumni of FMIPA worked for tower contractors, SCTV national television and other companies that incidentally were not engaged in the MIPA field.

Alumni of FMIPA throughout JABODETABEK often hold regular meetings and establish communication via WhatsApp groups. “We have members from all majors and several batches, from the 2005 class to the 2017 batch of quite recent graduates,” explained one of the alumni when meeting the Dean of FMIPA. The wishes of alumni were accepted by Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dean of FMIPA that institution will facilitate good plans for alumni meetings with final year students of FMIPA.

“FMIPA UNEJ really supports the good intentions of alumni to provide motivation and open up the insights of FMIPA students so that they become graduates who are ready for work,” said the Dean. To note, Dean of FMIPA and the leadership of the University of Jember took part in Jalan Gembira Nasional initiated by KAUJE UNEJ. The event themed “Ketemuan Yuk” was also attended by national alumni, the more lively with the appearance of capital artists and of course door prizes. “Furthermore, this communication can continue because alumni are also part of our FMIPA UNEJ,” he concluded.