Two FMIPA Alumni Share Work Experience and Entrepreneurship in Alumni Sharing

Hendra Setiawan alumni of Chemistry Department and Aldila Maya Yulandi alumni of Mathematics Department of FMIPA attended the Alumni Sharing to provide motivation to prospective graduates for period VIII of the 2022/2023 academic year (23/6). “Besides working, I also run several entrepreneurs, and even then I have changed jobs several times to get a higher salary, this is motivation for you that MIPA alumni can be in all lines of work and businesses,” said Hendra at the beginning of presentation. He also said that FMIPA alumni were flexible to be able to work in many fields, starting as analysts to banking.

“The FMIPA alumni can work anywhere, like me who has worked at a well-known music company, at a bank and finally in the pharmaceutical sector,” he said. Hendra also said that apart from working, he has been involved in several business ventures. The business is also not only one type, from food to car washing to pick up customers through the application. “The point is we have to be able to take advantage of opportunities carefully to make a profitable business,” he continued..

Hendra also gave tips and tricks to qualify for working at a company, especially during the selection process. “The selection stage that we have to prepare for is during the interview, answer honestly according to yourself,” he explained. He further said that the company will ask about the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective employees, then provide a solution answer for the deficiencies and convey the advantages according to what they have.

Previously, Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. in his remarks, he invited prospective graduates to keep in touch with their alma mater. “After this, you will be like anak sulung, which in the future we hope to be able to provide experience to younger siblings who also want to complain,” he said. FMIPA as a family, will always accept these complaints and provide assistance in the form of solutions or other means. “Don’t forget to fill in the tracer study so we can find out about your progress after this and can establish ongoing communication,” he concluded.

Furthermore, motivation from Aldila Maya Yulandi who has a resemblance to the previous presenter worked in an office and was also an entrepreneur. “From graduating in 2012 until now I have been working in a private bank without moving at all and also being self-employed like Mr. Hendra,” he said. Landi, as Yolandi’s nickname, shared more about having been accepted for work and tips for being able to maintain relationships at work and also in entrepreneurship.

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“When we work, we must immediately adapt to the work environment, always be alert to various work challenges, never say we can’t make it a challenge,” he explained. Landi also said not to change jobs in a short time because it would give a bad image going forward for the company that would recruit us. Regarding entrepreneurship, Landi, who is now a successful koi exporter, shared the importance of time discipline and the use of technological sophistication as a support.

“Even though I work at a bank, I can still run my business through CCTV to monitor workers in the process of packaging koi fish,” he said. He also said that his ability to pack was the result of gaining knowledge while studying at the Mathematics Department through one of the courses he took. “The knowledge that we get at MIPA will definitely be useful one day, both in companies and also in entrepreneurship,” he concluded. At the end of the event the participants were given a question and answer session and closed with a group photo.