Biology Undergraduate Study Program FMIPA UNEJ has now achieved full ASIIN International Accreditation

After receiving accreditation for a year and having fulfilled several requirements, the UNEJ FMIPA Biology Undergraduate Program has now succeeded in achieving full international accreditation from the Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik, or ASIIN. Several stages of assessment have been carried out since it was submitted in December 2022. The struggle continued until July 2023 to obtain limited recognition for one year, and has now been paid off with full accreditation until September 2028.

ASIIN accreditation of the Biology Undergraduate Program FMIPA UNEJ is in accordance with Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework for Life-long Learning (EQF LLL). Accreditation Letter signed by Dr. Iring Wasser as Managing Director who was present during the ASIIN visit some time ago. Also signed by Prof. Dr. Kathrin Lehmann and Prof. Gert. Ingold as Chairperson of the Accreditation Commission. The accreditation letter dated April 9 2024 will be an encouragement for FMIPA Biology study program managers to improve national accreditation, namely LAMSAMA, next year. With hopes like the Biology Masters Study Program which has been accredited UNGGUL.

For your information, the FMIPA Biology Undergraduate Study Program and the Biotechnology Master’s Study Program carried out an ASIIN international accreditation visitation in December 2022. The ASIIN Team, which is a peer group, consists of Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meinhardt, University Muenster, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nellen, University Kassel, Yayang Vionita, PT Cinquer Agro Nusantara, Fathimah Qonita Nazihah, and Surabaya State University. They met under the leadership of Jember University.

At that time, they were with the ASIIN Office, where Dr. Iring Wasser heard presentations regarding university development, institutional profiles, and teaching studies. Jember University leaders also presented on collaboration with stakeholders, resource development perspectives, institutional facilities, communication and coordination, study organization and management, teaching to students, and quality management at the university level.

A meeting with program managers was also held at that time. FMIPA was represented by the Dean, Vice Deans 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Head of the Undergraduate Biology Study Program and several biology lecturers. Discusses educational objectives, curriculum, study programs, teaching methods, student counseling, student examination processes, study results, and the preparation of graduates for the world of work.

With Biology undergraduate study program students, peer groups and the ASIIN office talked about education in the study program, the teaching they have received, learning conditions, and opportunities to study abroad. At the end of the ASIIN accreditation visitation, the team held a final meeting, which scheduled impressions and messages from the ASIIN peer group and provided the opportunity for a final explanation by HEI in case of unclear matters. Congratulations and success for the Undergraduate Biology Study Program!!!

ASIIN Certificate Jember UNEJ Ba Biology 2024-03-22 RA Download ASIIN Certificate