Chemistry Study Program and Physics Study Program FMIPA received the Predicate of UNGGUL Accreditation from LAMSAMA

Two Undergraduate Study Programs at FMIPA are Chemistry and Physics received UNGGUL accreditation. This is based on the decision of Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Sains Alam dan Ilmu Formal (LAMSAMA) Number 008/SK/LAMSAMA/Akred/S/XII/2022 for Chemistry Study Program. And LAMSAMA decision Number 015/SK/LAMSAMA/Akred/S/XII/2022 for the Physics Study Program (15/12). The achievement of superior accreditation is very proud for both study programs and also for all FMIPA members. “All of us FMIPA UNEJ, especially the two study programs, are very grateful for this achievement, hard work produces the best results at the end of the year,” said the Dean.

The success of the Chemistry and Physics undergraduate study program at FMIPA was an effort made by all parties. Each study program through its accreditation team prepares forms, supported by lecturers, students, alumni and stakeholders working hand in hand to achieve the title of Excellent accreditation. Jember University leadership also plays a role in the LAMSAMA accreditation process. This was seen during the field assessment of the two study programs, the Rector and Vice Rector I UNEJ were present to accompany the visitation process.

For your information, the Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program, FMIPA, had its first turn to conduct a field assessment on November 14. LAMSAMA sent Prof. Dr. dr. Dyah Iswantini Pradono, M.Sc. from the Bogor Agricultural Institute and Prof. Dr. Eddy Heraldy, M.Si. from Sebelas Maret University as an assessor. Beginning with the submission of the UNEJ profile by the Vice Chancellor I, followed by a session with the leadership of UPPS, a session on confirming LKPS data, a session with internal quality assurance implementers, a session with the study program accreditation team, a session with (middle) management at UPPS, a session with lecturers, students, alumni.

In the following days, the Physics Undergraduate Study Program, FMIPA, conducted a field assessment on November 17. The LAMSAMA Assessor Team consisting of Prof. Dr. Heru Kuswanto, M.Si from Yogyakarta State University and Dr. Ir. Adi Rahwanto, M.Eng.Sc. from Syah Kuala Aceh University conducted an assessment for two days. The same thing as the Chemistry Study Program, the assessor team held a meeting session with study program managers, students, alumni, and Physics Study Program service users.

The success of two study programs at FMIPA to achieve UNGGUL accreditation is also a gift for UNEJ, which has just celebrated its 58th Anniversary this year. Complementing the previous prize because the University of Jember also received Excellent accreditation from BAN-PT. At the time this news was compiled, the Biology Study Program was also visiting ASIIN’s international accreditation and it was hoped that this accreditation would be perfected.