Early June 2023, FMIPA reopened the Canteen with a New Place and View

After experiencing suspended animation for some time, the FMIPA Canteen was reopened (5/6). “As of today, the FMIPA canteen is reopened with a new place and atmosphere,” said Purwatiningsih, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Vice Dean II FMIPA UNEJ in his remarks at the assembly Monday morning. The new canteen is on the east side of the FMIPA Mosque and the ORMAWA building. The canteen is made open so that air circulation is maintained. “On the side that is connected to the ORMAWA building, there is also a drink stall which is an extension of the previous room,” she continued.

At the beginning of opening, visitors who were dominated by students invaded the FMIPA Canteen which served a menu of dry/wet chicken noodles, instant noodles, glass noodles and meatballs. “The menu is friendly to our student pockets, moreover it’s clean and there are power plugs available,” said one of the student visitors. The FMIPA canteen also provides electrical sockets so that visitors can feel at home shopping while completing tasks with a laptop or charging their cell phone.

Several students who came welcomed the return of the FMIPA canteen because they didn’t have to go far when it was time to fill their stomachs. “Previously, we had to order first or wait for peddlers to buy meatballs. Now, after noon at the mosque, we go directly to the canteen,” said the Mathematics Department student. The FMIPA canteen is expected to be able to compete with online services, especially on the menu. Specifically for lecturers, free food and beverage delivery services are also provided around the FMIPA building.

“Maybe in the future it is necessary to add contemporary food and drinks which are now a trend among students,” asked another visitor. And this is in line with the message from the Dean of FMIPA a while ago that the canteen will be made modern, including the menu. “We make an eco-friendly canteen, the menu is ready-to-eat without causing a lot of waste and the most important thing is that it is friendly for our students’ pockets,” said Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. Dean of FMIPA University of Jember. Let’s hurry to the FMIPA Canteen !II