Ian Jones from Australia, Present at FMIPA UNEJ to Explore Cooperation and Nostalgia

Ian Jones from Australia came back to the University of Jember FMIPA like a father visiting his child (7/6). “Year 1991 saw a new MIPA building being erected and now when it is back again it is truly amazing how fast it is developing,” joke Ian Jones who is a consultant for the establishment of MIPA from IDP (International Development Program). Together with colleagues from the University of Jember, Ian Jones discussed the establishment of MIPA, from the establishment plan to holding several workshop.

Present on the occasion was the Vice Rector III, University of Jember, Prof. Bambang Kuswandi, Former Rector of the University of Jember 2003-2011 Dr. T. Sutikto, Dean of FMIPA UNEJ, Vice Deans, Chief Secretary of Department at FMIPA and old colleague Ian Jones who played a role in the founding of MIPA. “With developments like this, I am willing to facilitate MIPA with my former office,” said the man who really loves the natural beauty and culture of Indonesia.

In his presentation, Ian Jones conveyed the goals of the collaboration including developing science faculties, building Australia-Indonesia relations, staff development, opportunities for postgraduate studies in Australia. “We also encourage joint research projects with colleagues at FMIPA, some of whom are no strangers to Australia,” he continued. And all of that will contribute to good relations between Indonesia and Australia.

It was also explained that those who would participate in this collaboration program were Australian Universities through IDP (International Development Program), University of Jember, Sebelas Maret University Solo, Brawijaya University Malang, Jenderal Soedirman University Purwokerto and Institut Teknologi Bandung. “We will invite several tertiary institutions to participate in this program to strengthen the relationship that has existed between Australia and Indonesia,” he concluded.

Ian Jones also displays good memories starting in 1991 in photos of activities with colleagues at UNEJ, Indonesian culture, tours such as Ijen to typical Madura cow fights. It lasted until noon, letting go of each other’s homesick memories of Ian Jones hanging out with colleagues from UNEJ. At the end of the event, Ian Jones was taken on a tour of the early buildings to the new building of FMIPA University of Jember.