FST Universitas Terbuka Explores Collaboration with FMIPA University of Jember

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember held a discussion on exploring collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Universitas Terbuka (4/5). FMIPA UNEJ led by the Dean Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. accompanied by Deputy Deans and representatives of the Chair of the Study Program as well as lecturers involved in the collaboration. From the FST Universitas Terbuka, Dr. Dewi Juliah Ratnaningsih, S.Si., M Si. as Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation at FST UT, Athiefah Fauziyyah, S.TP., M.Sc. Head of the FST UT Food Technology Study Program, and Inneke Putri Widyani, M.Sc. BBLBA UPBJJ UT Manager from Jember.

Collaboration will be aimed at strengthening students’ knowledge in subject matter through application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of theory in the form of organizing practicums. “Collaboration is also to strengthen the comparative advantage or academic excellence of each tertiary institution, to improve the quality of education services, research, graduate competencies to resources with visiting professors and lecturers,” said the Dean of FMIPA.

Dr. Dewi Juliah Ratnaningsih from FST UT said that there were 3 study programs that would be prepared for collaboration, namely the Biology Study Program at the Open University FST, Mathematics Undergraduate Program at FST Univesitas Terbuka and Unit Program Belajar Jarak Jauh Universitas Terbuka (UPBJJ UT). “The three study programs are expected to be able to collaborate with the Biology Study Program, FMIPA UNEJ and the Mathematics Study Program, FMIPA UNEJ,” he said.

This is contained within the scope of cooperation, namely the implementation of lectures, practical guidance/practicum and field practice both face-to-face and online, scientific work guidance, theses, theses, to dissertations, followed by the implementation of KKN guidance. “Real Work Practices, Field Work Practices, student exchanges, internships, research-based lectures, student exchanges and entrepreneurship, are the points for our students,” continued Dewi Juliah. It was also revealed that the implementation of testing the final/profession exams and developing teaching materials and non-teaching materials would be the subject of discussion for the lecturers. Also with a joint research agenda and capacity building of human resources with visiting professors and lecturers.

The planned cooperation agreement will last for 5 years from the time it is signed. To facilitate communication, representatives from each party were appointed, namely Dr. Dewi Juliah Ratnaningsih and Dra. Barokah Widuroyekti, M.Pd. from Universitas Terbuka and Purwatiningsih, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D. from FMIPA University of Jember. For information, FMIPA UNEJ has collaborated a lot with universities, institutions, companies to farmer groups from 2022 to 2023. “In almost the first semester of 2023, we have established several collaborations including with PRLTB-BRIN, BSI Jember Area, Sentool Plantation and hopefully given smoothness with FST UT which we are currently discussing,” concluded the Dean of FMIPA.