DOAJ indexed MIMS Journal of Mathematics Department followed by JID, CERiMRE and BST

“Congratulations and success to the management of the MIMS journal for being indexed in DOAJ or Directory Open Access Journal following the JID, CERiMRE and BST journals which were indexed first,” said Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Vice Dean I FMIPA UNEJ and Head of the Jember University OJS Team (27/4). MIMS, the acronym for the Scientific Mathematics and Statistics Magazine, is a journal published by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember.

MIMS is one of the oldest journals at FMIPA UNEJ. “MIMS has been in print edition since 2000 and will have an electronic version in 2020, hopefully this achievement will add enthusiasm to new journals within FMIPA,” continued Siswoyo. DOAJ is one of the medium category reputable international indexing engines that contains a database of journals.

DOAJ is open access, free of charge for the indexation process. The MIMS journal led by Dr. Kristiana Wijaya as the Editor-in-chief, has failed 2 times to be indexed by DOAJ for several reasons so that she does not meet the criteria. Failure in the previous period did not discourage us from improving and submitting again to be DOAJ indexed.

“We registered MIMS for the third time at DOAJ last January 2023, then in mid-March yesterday there was a review process and at the end of April our journal was indexed by DOAJ,” said Kristiana who really appreciated the work of the MIMS editorial team. The journal, which is published twice a year, is also awaiting the results of the SINTA journal accreditation which has been submitted since 2022. “We are also waiting for the announcement of the results of the accreditation of the MIMS journal which has been submitted through ARJUNA at the end of 2022,” he concluded.

For your information, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember has managed journals including the Jurnal ILMU DASAR, abbreviated as JID (FMIPA / DOAJ Indexed / SINTA Accredited 3) which has been publishing since 2000, Computational And Experimental Research In Materials And Renewable Energy or CERiMRE (Department of Physics / DOAJ Indexed) /Accredited SINTA 4) has been publishing since 2018. BERKALA SAINSTEK abbreviated as BST (FMIPA-Teknik-Fasilkom/DOAJ Indexed/Accredited SINTA 4) has been publishing since 2013.

FMIPA also has three new journals that are being prepared to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor journals which are accredited by SINTA and DOAJ. Department of Chemistry with the journal Indonesian Chimica Letters (Department of Chemistry/ISSN/GARUDA). Biology Department with the journal Life Science & Biotechnology (Department of Biology/New journal). Finally, FMIPA has just created a community service journal, Inovasi Sains dan Teknologi untuk Masyarakat or InSTEM.