In 2023, the Biology Department will hold the 5th ICOLIB and the Physics Department will hold the 4th SENAFIS

In 2023, two Departments at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember, namely Biology and Physics, are holding another routine event every 2 years. The Biology Department will hold The 5th ICOLIB 2023 which will take the theme “Global Insights and Innovations of Life Sciences Research in the Post COVID-19 Era“. ICOLIB or International Conference on Life Sciences and Biotechnology is an international seminar that has been regularly held since 2015 by the Department of Biology. Presenting speakers from researchers to Nobel peace laureates. Each year also takes a different theme by paying attention to hot issues.

Next is SENAFIS, the National Seminar on Physics which is being held by the Department of Physics for the fourth time. In 2023 the theme is “Menjawab Tantangan Era Society 5.0 Pasca Pandemi Covid 19“. Just like ICOLIB, SENAFIS has been held regularly every two years since 2015. SENAFIS presents experts in their fields from within and outside the country. Especially for 2023, the SENAFIS committee is holding a logo design competition for SENAFIS which is attended by students from the Department of Physics, FMIPA UNEJ.

Jember University FMIPA also has several international and national seminars which are held regularly by each department. FMIPA in 2016 once held an international seminar which was a combination of 4 majors namely the International Basic Science Conference (IBSC). This seminar presented cross-sector speakers from abroad and within the country. At that time, the theme was “Toward the Extended Use of Basic Science for Enhancing Health, Environment, Energy, and Biotechnology”.

The following are international and national seminars held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember:

International Seminar:
1. International Basic Science Conference (IBSC) – FMIPA
2. International Conference on Life Science and Biotechnology (ICOLIB) – Department of Biologi
3. The International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS) – Department of Chemistry
4. The International Conference on Physical Instrumentation And Advanced Materials (ICPIAM) – Department of Physics
5. International Conference on Mathematics, Geometry, Statistics, and Computation (IC-MaGeStiC) – Department of Mathematics

National Seminar:
1. Seminar Nasional Matematika (SNM) – Department of Mathematics
2. Seminar Nasional Fisika (SENAFIS) – Department of Physics
3. Seminar Nasional Kimia (SNK) – Department of Chemistry