Waiting period to work for Alumni FMIPA University of Jember become the focus in the aim of FMIPA is to produce professional graduates in their field and increase the absorption of graduates. Alumni surveys were conducted by Programs of FMIPA and University of Jember with Tracer Study Program to find out the waiting period and work conformity of FMIPA graduates by asking several questions in the form of questionnaires. Ikatan Alumni FMIPA (IKAMIPA) is also used as a reference to dig information as much as possible to register the graduates of FMIPA. Chemistry Bachelor Degree is one of them, the first waiting period at 2.8 months with 200 alumni respondents. Some employment, alumni from Chemistry Bachelor Degree with attention to job suitability (big three: lecturer, quality control, private), first alumni working period can be considered short category category. Biology Bachelor Degree is at 3.6 months for the first graduate period of work, with 144 respondents.

For the field of work is almost the same as Chemistry Bachelor Degree. Biology Bachelor Degree students get the opportunity of study exchange with the best universities in some countries in continental Europe to add experience when plunge in the world of work. Alumni of Physics Bachelor Degree FMIPA recorded the first working period is 2.2 months with suitability in the field is 72,53%. Field of work in accordance with the expertise as a Physics Bachelor Degree of spread are Teachers, Lecturers, Tentor, Researchers, Agricultural industries, ceramics industry, mining and PT. PLN Indonesia. Data obtained in the form of surveys conducted online and with the spread of questionnaires directly to Alumni (in the preparation of the form of Physics Bachelor Degree). The process of distributing questionnaires is done by capturing information through direct contact, sending via email or through colleagues. Physics Bachelor Degree strives for the type of work that is obtained is a job that really interested by alumni and there is still correlation with the field of physics. The plan of stakeholders will come to Physics Bachelor Degree in order to find the alumni of physics to work.

Mathematics Bachelor Degree, has a waiting period of 4 months with 100 alumni respondents with data collection to more alumni forces. Alumni Physics Bachelor Degree works in several jobs (three major: teachers, banking, private). To provide the supplies for the alumni of FMIPA and University of Jember, each graduate is given SKPI (Surat Keterangan Pendamping Ijasah). SKPI is an official statement issued by the college that contains information about academic achievement or qualification from graduates of higher education (Kemenristekdikti, 2015). SKPI is also contained in the Surat Keputusan (SK) Rektor University of Jember which in essence is a student record during lectures on campus. With the SKPI will greatly help the user stakeholders to get a picture of students who have competencies beyond the competence that has been contained in a certificate.

In order to improve the competitiveness of graduates, University of Jember formulated soft skills covering aspects of creativity, cooperation and communication, and ethics. FMIPA University of Jember in the development of soft skills is integrated through lectures. The soft skills aspects developed in each course are tailored to the characteristics of the course. Other endeavors to improve the quality include increasing the interest to obtain a more intense level of competition, the holding of tutorials, small classes, short semesters (between), improving the effectiveness of mentoring Final Project and enriching with soft skills and training in cooperation with SAC (Student Advisory Center). University of Jember through LP3M also several times a year held job fair not only as a venue for job vacancies for alumni, but also directly on the recruitment process of writing test or interview on University of Jember.