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HIMAFI FMIPA UNEJ Team Passes Funding for the 2024 ORMAWA PPK Program

The Himpunan Mahasiswa Fisika (HIMAFI) Team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences passed funding for the Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program (PPK ORMAWA) in 2024. Together with 19 other subproposals, HIMAFI delivered the University of Jember to first place together with the Bogor Agricultural Institute. With the theme “SMART FARMINGRumah Pengering Kopi Berbasis Solar Cell dan Kincir Angin Guna Optimalisasi Produksi Kopi di Desa Pace Kec. Silo Kab. Jember“, the HIMAFI Team together with 622 subproposal titles from 158 universities received funding.

The Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program is aimed at developing competent knowledge mastery, character and noble character, love of the country, global insight, critical thinking skills, creative thinking, collaboration, good communication skills. reliable (communication skills), digitally literate, and humanist or loving others (compassion). Participants involved include Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM), Unit Kegiatan Mahasiawa (UKM), Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi (HMPS), and other forms of ORMAWA. Continue reading


The Month of Ramadhan, FMIPA Students Remain Productive in Lectures and Student Activities

UNEJ FMIPA students are the same as other students at the University of Jember during the month of Ramadan live lectures with adjusted time. Practicums in the laboratories of all study programs run normally hand in hand in line with the lectures in the classroom. How are student activities? of course it will continue according to the agenda prepared by each ORMAWA.

Among them, the Advocacy Day initiated by BEMF MIPA was again held offline after being held online the previous year. Advocacy Day is a work program of BEMF MIPA UNEJ which aims to increase students’ understanding of the implementation of advocacy within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, as well as increase students’ sensitivity and concern for issues that are currently developing. With the theme “Advocacy Channeled, Realizing Hope, Guarding Change, for FMIPA to Achieve Glory“, the Advocacy Day took place all day in Biologi Umum on April 9. Continue reading