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PKKMB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember 2023: “Scientist Muda Berani Berkarya”

New Students of the University of Jember FMIPA entered the parking lot while shouting “Scientist Muda Berani Berkarya” after participating in the student inauguration ceremony and the opening of the PKKMB by Rektor of the University of Jember (14/8). “Welcome to FMIPA UNEJ, a faculty that will turn all of you into young scientists, who will have the courage to produce works,” said Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. Dean of FMIPA UNEJ. It was also conveyed that FMIPA has the facilities and professional staff who will assist in realizing these ideals.

New FMIPA students will receive PKKMB material in a class or group determined by the committee. Together with BEMF MIPA, the committee has prepared PKKMB as comfortable as possible, starting from delivering materials to MABA health services. The Dean of FMIPA also hopes that students will actively participate in lectures and follow information, especially scholarships. “The student is very lucky, because there are many scholarship opportunities, not only KIP, but there are many more and you should know that from the start,” he said. Continue reading


The Beginning of a New Adventure for a Bright Future for MABA FMIPA UNEJ 2022

Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember, Drs. Achmad Sjaifullah, M.Sc., Ph.D. welcomes the presence of new students of FMIPA UNEJ for the 2022/2022 academic year on the FMIPA basketball court (15/8). In front of the 368 new students of FMIPA, the Dean advised students to be able to prepare themselves for a new adventure, namely the world of lectures. “Prepare yourself, because next week we will immediately carry out lectures after the week we will be introduced to UNEJ and FMIPA,” he said. New students of FMIPA in particular and UNEJ will generally receive PKKMB material in predetermined classes or groups. The Dean also hopes that students will also actively participate in lectures and follow developing information, especially regarding scholarships. “In the beginning there was KIP, in the future there will be many scholarships offered, look at and get these scholarships,” he said. The reception ended with the introduction of officials from the Dean, Study Program and Administration at FMIPA UNEJ. The Dean started the introductions from Vice Dean I, Vice Dean II, Vice Dean III, Head of Study Programs for Bachelors of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Masters of Physics, ending with the introduction of Koordinator Kelompok Kerja Tata Usaha and 3 Wakil Koordinator. On August 17 tomorrow, it is mandatory to take part in the Flag Ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day. At the end of the series of introductions to the UNEJ campus, a healthy walk and inauguration of the closing of the PKKMB will be held. “The beginning of a new adventure is in sight, immediately prepare to achieve a bright future” concluded the Dean of FMIPA encouraging new students. Continue reading