Head of PRTDRAN BRIN Invites FMIPA UNEJ Lecturers to Collaborate on Nuclear Energy Research

Head of Pusat Riset Teknologi Deteksi Radiasi dan Analisis Nuklir (PRTDRAN) BRIN, Dr. Abu Khalid Rivai, M.Eng. give a guest lecture at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (19/10). Abu Khalid invited lecturers to collaborate on research through BRIN as a bridge. “In BRIN there is ORTN, namely Organisasi Riset Tenaga Nuklir to optimize research in all regions in Indonesia,” he said.

Abu Khalid explained, ORTN itself is divided into 12 organizations in Indonesia, one example being Radiation Process Technology. Everything was revealed in the Guest Lecture of Physics Department, FMIPA UNEJ with the theme Research Prospects and research work at PRTDRAN and National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)..

“In compiling research collaborations, a scheme is needed starting with making proposals to forming collaborations with lecturers,” explained the alumni of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He also said that this guest lecture was delayed for 7 years because he had to finish his studies in Japan.

Previously, Head of Department of Physics, Dr. Agus Suprianto advised the guest lecture participants, namely lecturers and physics students, to gain knowledge from the presenters. “Lecturers can take the opportunity for collaboration and students can see research work opportunities at BRIN,” he added.

At the end of the event, a question and answer session was opened for guest lecture participants. Physics student, Fajri Prasetya, asked a question regarding the requirements for final project students for thesis research at BRIN. Abu Khalid replied, there are no special requirements. “Only administration between lecturers and us, the rest is just communication” he replied.