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Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, a Biology Lecturer who Invented the Super Longan, has retired

Dr. Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, M.Pd. who is fondly called Mr. Teguh as of June 1, 2023 tomorrow will enter his retirement period. Pak Teguh’s work as a teacher and researcher in the Department of Biology FMIPA UNEJ is not in doubt. Until the end of his service, he was still actively discussing with the leaders of the Sentool plantation partners of MBKM FMIPA, especially longan development (30/5). “Today is the end of his servant. Pak Teguh remains enthusiastic about the discussion and inquires about the development of longan in the Sentool plantation,” said Vice Dean I FMIPA UNEJ Drs. Siswoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. It can be seen that longan trees are increasingly thriving around the plantation area, which originated from seeds researched by Mr. Teguh.

Indeed, apart from being a lecturer, Mr. Teguh is active in researching longans, so he is usually called Longan Mantri. He managed to develop a super longan. which started with concern about the local Jember longan plant which at first only grew without fruit. With a special ingredient from Mr. Teguh and then packaged in the form of fertilizer, it was able to produce thicker, sweeter longan fruit and smaller seeds. Continue reading


Super Longan Harvest, Superior Variety Research Results of Biology Lecturer FMIPA UNEJ

Super Longan is result of research by Dr. Hidayat Teguh Wiyono, M.Pd. a lecturer at Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Jember. The Super Longan stems from Pak Teguh concern about the Jember local longan plant which initially only grew without fruit. One of the reasons is that the hot temperature in Jember Regency makes longans do not want to flower to process into fruit. Furthermore, Pak Teguh said that longan Jember will flower only if stimulated so that it can bear fruit, without being stimulated with a booster it cannot. With special ingredients and packaged in the form of fertilizer, it is able to produce thick, sweeter longan fruit and smaller seeds. It was proven when holding the harvest on terrace of the Biology Department, FMIPA University of Jember a few days ago, The FMIPA of UNEJ community tried firsthand the advantages of super longan. “The flesh of the fruit is thick, tastes sweet and what is different is that the seeds are smaller than other longans,” said one of the staff at FMIPA UNEJ. Dozens of super longan bundles were prepared by being transported by Pak Teguh’s own unique vehicle. Several FMIPA staff who came to Biology building also received many stories about the management of super longan. The super longan, which was the result of Pak Teguh’s research, was also planted in the Banyuwangi, Lumajang, Bondowoso, and Situbondo areas of course with a booster. Continue reading