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Guest Lecture, Department of Mathematics, FMIPA UNEJ Presents Prof. V. Swaminathan from India

Mathematics Department, FMIPA UNEJ, held a guest lecture with the theme “Social and Biological Networks Analysis using Hypergraph” in the International Lecture Room (13/5). As a resource person, Prof. Dr. V. Swaminathan from the Faculty of Mathematics, School of Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and Education, SASTRA, is deemed to be a university in Thanjavur, India. Present at the Guest Lecture: Prof. Drs. Bambang Kuswandi, M.Sc., Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation, and Information Systems UNEJ, accompanied by the Dean of FMIPA, Prof. Drs. Dafik, M.Sc., Ph.D. In opening the event, Prof. Bambang invited all participants to take part in the event and be able to discuss more about Hypergraph.

“Guest Lecture participants can discuss a lot with Prof. Swaminathan to gain new knowledge according to the theme, and UNEJ and his institution will collaborate in the future,” said Vice Chancellor IV while opening the event. Previously, the Dean of FMIPA, Prof. Dafik, expressed his gratitude for the support of the UNEJ rectorate at the Guest Lecture event and for offline and online participants being able to follow and interact with the speakers. “Thank you for the support of Prof. Bambang, the head of UNEJ, who supports this activity, and Prof. Swaminathan, who took the time to share knowledge with us at this guest lecture,” said Prof. Dafik. Continue reading