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HIMAFI FMIPA UNEJ Team Passes Funding for the 2024 ORMAWA PPK Program

The Himpunan Mahasiswa Fisika (HIMAFI) Team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences passed funding for the Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program (PPK ORMAWA) in 2024. Together with 19 other subproposals, HIMAFI delivered the University of Jember to first place together with the Bogor Agricultural Institute. With the theme “SMART FARMINGRumah Pengering Kopi Berbasis Solar Cell dan Kincir Angin Guna Optimalisasi Produksi Kopi di Desa Pace Kec. Silo Kab. Jember“, the HIMAFI Team together with 622 subproposal titles from 158 universities received funding.

The Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program is aimed at developing competent knowledge mastery, character and noble character, love of the country, global insight, critical thinking skills, creative thinking, collaboration, good communication skills. reliable (communication skills), digitally literate, and humanist or loving others (compassion). Participants involved include Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM), Unit Kegiatan Mahasiawa (UKM), Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi (HMPS), and other forms of ORMAWA. Continue reading


Tim Program Penguatan Kapasitas ORMAWA BEMF MIPA UNEJ Promotes E-Bank Waste Program in Kesilir Village, Jember

The Waste E-Bank is a program that will be implemented by Tim Program Penguatan Kapasitas Organisasi Mahasiswa (PPK ORMAWA) BEMF MIPA 2022 (PPK ORMAWA) in Kesilir Village, Jember Regency. This program aims to handle waste in Kesilir Village by introducing organic and inorganic waste processing through a digital waste house based on an e-waste bank. The existing waste must be addressed immediately so that the residents of Kesilir no longer throw garbage into other villages on the grounds that there is no waste processing.

The socialization was held on Monday, July 18, 2022, at the Kesilir Village Village Office. The socialization event was attended by village officials, RT heads and PKK. This activity began with remarks from the Head of Kesilir Village, Sucipto, who was very supportive of this program. This socialization brought two resource persons who are experts in their fields, namely Rini Nur Intani as the Manager of Asri Bumi Mangli Permai BSU and Nurul Hidayat as Maggot Cultivator at the Maggot Palace. Continue reading