Tim Program Penguatan Kapasitas ORMAWA BEMF MIPA UNEJ Promotes E-Bank Waste Program in Kesilir Village, Jember

The Waste E-Bank is a program that will be implemented by Tim Program Penguatan Kapasitas Organisasi Mahasiswa (PPK ORMAWA) BEMF MIPA 2022 (PPK ORMAWA) in Kesilir Village, Jember Regency. This program aims to handle waste in Kesilir Village by introducing organic and inorganic waste processing through a digital waste house based on an e-waste bank. The existing waste must be addressed immediately so that the residents of Kesilir no longer throw garbage into other villages on the grounds that there is no waste processing.

The socialization was held on Monday, July 18, 2022, at the Kesilir Village Village Office. The socialization event was attended by village officials, RT heads and PKK. This activity began with remarks from the Head of Kesilir Village, Sucipto, who was very supportive of this program. This socialization brought two resource persons who are experts in their fields, namely Rini Nur Intani as the Manager of Asri Bumi Mangli Permai BSU and Nurul Hidayat as Maggot Cultivator at the Maggot Palace.

The resource person explained how organic waste management can produce maggot cultivation, while inorganic waste can be created into several items that can be reused such as bags, flowers from used crackle materials, and others. The head of the ORMAWA PPK Team, Devando Bagas, hopes that the community can play an active role in this activity. One of the PPK Ormawa BEMF MIPA teams, also disseminated the ideas and success of the program to obtain funding.

This socialization activity is used as the first step to introduce how to sort and process waste into useful goods. In addition, Kesilir Village is the target of the program so that all residents pay more attention to the negative habits that are carried out on waste. Waste that is considered useless can be managed into manggot that can be used as animal feed and into goods that can be used again. The waste generated from the management can also be sold and become an additional livelihood for the residents of Kesilir Village. To note, PPK ORMAWA BEMF MIPA received funding from Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, Riset dan Teknologi, Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia. By raising the title of E-bank Waste and Maggot Production (Hermetia illucens) as an Effort to Increase the Economic Value of Waste and Environmental Health in Kesilir Village, PPK ORMAWA BEMF MIPA has passed the selection of the 2022 Student Organization Capacity Building Program. This program was followed by Unit Kegiatan Mahasiawa (UKM), Himpunan Program Studi (HMP) and Lembaga Eksekutif Mahasiswa of all universities in Indonesia.